Global10 Media Launches to Provide Fast and Effortless Hotel Price Comparison

The Swiss city is one of the most expensive places in the world, so making great savings on hotel deals is essential and launches to enable consumers to get big discounts on hotel rooms


Vancouver, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Travelling abroad is easier than ever with the advent of online bookings. Flights, transfers, packages and hotels are all now eager to compete to offer the best deal online in order to attract the most customers, but finding a quote from all of them is difficult. Muddying the waters further are exclusive discounts specific to certain discount hotel sites, making it even harder to be certain of the best deal. For those travelling to Zurich, an answer is at hand, as Hotels in Zurich launches its website to make price comparison on Zurich hotels across all available discounts easier than ever.

The site aggregates pricing information on Zurich hotels from across the internet, and makes all the information available through a single, simple search bar. Users enter the region, district or specific hotel they are looking for, the dates they wish to stay, the number of people and rooms required, and hit search. The site then lists all the best discounts from all the best sites, ranking best value highest.

The site also has its own independent reviews of many of the major Zurich hotels, so that in the event of two hotels having a similar price, individuals can differentiate and make a decision based on which will offer the best experience.

A spokesperson for Hotels In Zurich explained, “Going to each individual hotel discount site can be a real headache, not least because they’re determined to offer irrelevant discounts on places that travellers to Zurich have no interest in. By coming direct to our website, users can cut out all the irrelevant information and streamline their search while still getting the benefit of multiple discount hotel sites. By easily cross-referencing discounts from multiple platforms our visitors are sure to get the very best deal available, making their trip to Zurich more affordable and allowing them to spend more of their budget on indulgences and experiences.”

About Hotels In Zurich
Hotels in Zurich allows users to compare the best and cheapest Zurich hotel deals across multiple travel websites, ensuring they get the best deal for the destination. The site also provides comprehensive reviews on most popular Zurich hotels and is able to provide recommendations for preferred accommodation based the specific area of Zurich tourists are visiting. For more information, please visit: