Hotspot Hopper Launches Social-Powered WiFi Hotspot Marketing Service


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Hotspot Hopper, a WiFi Hotspot solutions & marketing company based in Cheyenne, WY, has launched a WiFi marketing service powered by social media which allows businesses to make a profit and receive valuable customer insights from the free WiFi services they provide for their customers. This service has multiple benefits for businesses, events, and advertisers alike.

The WiFi marketing service is implemented by installing necessary software and hardware in the business’s premises. Then, the customers of the business can securely connect to the free WiFi service on any mobile device or computer by logging in via an account they already have on one of the 4 most popular social networks or by providing their email and mobile phone numbers.

The main benefits this service brings to a business using it are the data about their customers and the potential profit from sponsors. Since each customer provides their email address and demographic and social data by logging in through their account on a social network, the business can later use this data to understand their customers better and contact different segments with special offers and other marketing efforts. The Hotspot Hopper WiFi connection comes with an advertising space, so a business can choose to use it for its own purposes or get paid through Hotspot Hopper’s advertiser network.

According to recent studies, the availability of free WiFi has a considerable influence on customers choosing where to shop or spend their time. In fact, around 79% of mobile consumers tend to choose a business offering a complimentary Internet connection over one which doesn’t. This trend hardly depends on the age group of consumers as well: free WiFi influences choices of 86% of consumers aged 21-44 and 77% of consumers aged 45+.

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