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Hottest New Artist: PDS Entertainment LLC Releases 'How To' Guide for Aspiring Musicians

Created by Paul “Uncle P” Spencer, ‘Hottest New Artist ®: How to Succeed in the Music Industry’ is the ultimate ‘FAQ’ for anyone looking to break onto the scene and achieve real success with their musical career.


Petersburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- With real business insights from its knowledgeable creator and true stories from musicians who have broken into the industry, recently released book ‘Hottest New Artist ®: How to Succeed in the Music Industry’ is a must-have guide for any struggling artist.

From PDS Entertainment LLC and written by Paul “Uncle P” Spencer, the book helps aspiring talent understand the music industry from the ground-up and equips them with the knowledge they need to tread what Spencer calls “the shark infested waters” of the business.

“While musicians often have a lot of passion, they can find it difficult to look at their careers from a practical perspective,” says Spencer, who is dedicated to helping new and established artists succeed. “I’ve been there, so I know. It can be a really tough road. What artists need is a clear, calm and business-oriented voice to keep them on the right track and give them the tools, techniques and information required to get ahead in the music industry.”


Music is your passion and you’d make it your business but you’ve discovered that sometimes the combination makes it a real “offbeat.”

Don’t knock it yet! Hottest New Artist the book gives you information you need with real answers to many of the questions you’ve been seeking. In this Hottest New Artist book, you get:

- An overview of how the music industry works, with a clear-cut look at the skills you need to succeed in it.
- Essential information on protecting your intellectual property and being paid what you’re owed.
- You’ll gain Insight to find that agent, negotiate contracts, and selling your music and songs.
- Sound advice for working with others collaborating on songs, or communicating with family about your music.
- Steps and procedure used in the industry when submitting material for considerations from radio, label or other industry professionals.
- True stories from artists breaking down barriers and getting through the noise and ahead in music business."

In the brief time since its release, the book has attracted the attention of musicians and business leaders around the world who praise it for its time-honored and trusted advice.

“Hottest New Artist gives a 360 degree view of the music industry and equips you with the necessary knowledge you need to survive in this very dynamic industry and come out on top. The book is comprehensive, going into detail to show the technical, business, and emotional sides of the industry and all the stakeholders that will make or break your career. Yet the author manages to keep it simple, easy to follow, and very practical. By equipping you with the necessary knowledge, the book puts you in a unique position so you can make well thought out plans and informed decisions,” from Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite.

‘Hottest New Artist ®: How to Succeed in the Music Industry’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1gqTyXr

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About The Hottest New Artist
The Hottest New Artist ® “HNA” is an engagement of PDS Entertainment LLC, which refers itself as a media and Entertainment Company that interacts and involves anything related to the music business of today. Its president Paul “Uncle P” Spencer is the main originator. The company is aiming to promote upcoming talented music artists who have the potential to go on, and become great singers in the future and to give them that launch pad through a series of radio shows, live events, song competitions, and the publishing of various digital products in the form and brand of the “Hottest New Artist”.