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Hottest New Free Online Astrology Website with Amazing Astrology Software & Live Chat Features is India’s hottest free online astrology website that offers a host of free resources to the users to learn all about what the future is in store for them.


Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2013 -- Gurgaon, Haryana, September 18, 2013: Whether someone wants to excel in his/her professional life or wants to lead a peaceful and happy personal life, astrology can pave the path at each and every phase of life. In India, astrology is very much an important part of a person’s life and an astrology chart is often prepared from his/her birth itself to help analyze his/her future prospects. Now, one can take help of the free online astrology website, to prepare horoscope and check other valuable resources to steer one’s life on the right track.

The site has included unique astrology software that quickly helps prepare horoscope and allows people to learn all about one’s future. The software is free to use and one, without having any knowledge of astrology, can use it in an effortless manner. One can use the software to learn what lies in the future. Moreover, the site offers live chat features where one can discuss their issues and problems with a qualified and experienced astrologer.

Horoscopes have a very important role in the lives of people in India. Since one’s birth, one’s horoscope has been referred to help determine the occurrence of all auspicious events, such as marriages, buying properties, naming a child and other such occasions. Considering the importance of horoscopes, the website offers free astrology chart preparing software that one can use to know accurate information about one’s future. By providing a few simple details about oneself, one can automatically get the birth chart in just a few seconds. The website offers birth chart in both North Indian and South Indian styles for people to use charts as per their own convenience. claims to be a full-services online free astrology website. The site allows users to chat with an astrologer to discuss their problems and get solutions too. The site offers a wide variety of lab-tested gemstones, certified rudrakshas and Astro remedial jewelries that one can take help to employ corrective measures and witness beneficial results. According the website, astrologers associated with them are very experienced to suggest best remedies and one can find all such remedial stuffs on the website itself. To take advantage of this new feature-rich free online astrology website, one may visit them at .

About is a free and resourceful astrology website from the house of Bello Jewels, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones, Rudrakshas and several types of Astro remedial stuffs and Yantras. The website introduces excellent horoscope making software and live chat features with experienced astrologers to find immediate and reliable solution to their problems.

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