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House Insurance Rates Addresses Flood Insurance Deficiencies

House Insurance Rates polled its visitors online recently in order to determine how many homeowners in the Northeastern area of the country actually carry the proper forms and levels of flood insurance coverage. The poll discovered that standard flood insurance policies are ill-equipped to cover the unique needs of Northeasterners.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2011 --, a free provider of quotes on homeowners insurance, took an informal poll of its quote applicants last week in order to determine how well-protected homeowners in the Northeast are against potential flood damage. While more Northeasterners are looking into flood insurance since the Lee and Irene storms, the poll discovered that most homeowners are either purchasing insufficient coverage or the wrong policy type entirely.

“We’re very happy to see almost a 30-percent surge in requests for house insurance quotes from homeowners in the Northeastern states, but as our poll reveals, these homeowners may actually be buying coverage ill-suited to their unique geographic needs. A policy that is sufficient for a homeowner in Florida is not necessarily going to work for a homeowner in New Jersey,” explained Damon Williams, spokesperson for House Insurance Rates.

Based on the results of the poll, the site is now suggesting to visitors who live in the Northeast that they may actually need to carry three different types of policies to be fully covered—a standard homeowner insurance policy, standard flood insurance, and a supplemental flood policy to fill in the gaps of the standard coverage. Many homes in the Northeast have basements, and a standard flood policy typically will not cover flood damage to a basement except in the case of a water heater, furnace, or related items.

“The basement issue means Northeasterners need to supplement their regular flood insurance policy to protect the fixtures, carpet, furniture, and so forth in their basement that might be damaged in the event of a flood. Additionally, we encourage Northeastern homeowners to purchase more protection than a standard policy afford when necessary because the costs of materials and labor to repair damage are far higher in the Northeast than other parts of the country,” said Mr. Williams.

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