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House of Power Society Encourages More Members for Spiritual Awakening and Prosperity in Life


Montego Bay, Jamaica -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- The House of Power Society Jamaica invites more members in their fast growing spiritual family. The society recognizes magic and spiritual root work as another important field of interest and mastery aside from the natural professional norms in the world today such as the fields of Architecture, Law, and Medicine. The HOP Society [abbreviation] heavily emphasizes the use of magic to compel divine assistance so their members can be in command of their own destinies. They all believe that every individual should have a say and the right to pursue their own happiness, goals, dreams and desires. Benefits of joining will eventually be helping an individual take control of their own life and steer them into the right path of prosperity.

Equality in Membership

Unlike many secret society or orders, HOP is not discriminative. It will accept any interested individual regardless of race, social class, affiliation or religious beliefs. They generally accept anyone interested at a deeper level of spiritual awakening. House of Power Society also performs ritual castings for members.

“We aspire to empower each member who'll join our society, help overcome fears, illness, give them protection and steer them to increased wealth creation,” says Professor Michael Aba, the resident master occultist and founder of the Society.

Benefits of membership include: 6 free rituals based on member's desires in life, access to magical books, access to private social network, a free prosperity handkerchief, exclusive access to powerful jewelries and amulets, access to master's daily prayers, and receive the famous Secret Wish Rite casting. Membership costs $400 and renewal is $400.

What Else to Expect?

Every member is expected to maintain their own daily meditative records with all the details of their spiritual exercises and rituals. This will be used as a document that HOP will help answering especially if members have questions or problems.

HOP Society offers full protection to all members, perform 6 rituals be it black magic, voodoo, Obeah, or Egyptian spells to help remove bad aspects in a member's life, save marriages, alleviate fame or elevate business success. The society also encourages members to give back as much as they receive by donating to their chosen charities.

They offer the following rituals for different purposes: love and marriage, protection, job and promotion, business success, court cases, gambling luck, money, fame and riches of life.

About House of Power Society
Founded by world renowned master occultist, voodoo master, mystical healer and teacher, Jamaican Obeah priest and hypnotist, Michael Aba, The House of Power Society has been under his guidance for 10 years. His team of priests and masters are dedicated to the spirits and demonstrates service for all humanity; which is probably the reason why their powers reach anyone from the far corners of the earth as long as the case is spiritual in nature.

Michael Aba
Tel- 1-876-971-0337 [Office] or 954-251-7969 [US Hotline]
1 Barnett Lane, Montego Bay, Jamaica