House Sellers Offered an Alterative to House Repossession

It is no secret that home sellers today are facing an upheaval task to sell a house quickly in this current economic climate. The economic downturn has affected thousands of people across the UK and many have been forced to put their planned house move on hold due to the significant decline in the number of house buyers in the market. In many cases, people don’t even have the luxury of having time to wait for the sale of their house. For example, those who are facing property repossession simply have to sell straight away. So what can such sellers do? Fortunately, there is now a solution for people facing repossession to get a guaranteed house sale.


Lancashire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Nationwide Property Buyers, a Manchester based property company, is now offering motivated sellers the chance to sell their properties to help them avoid repossession. The company specializes in buying property from people who are facing repossession. Unlike a traditional sale through Estate Agents, the property is sold directly to the company and this can offer a number of benefits when compared to an Estate Agent Sale, including:

No Commissions to pay - paying commission to an estate agent is one of the biggest expenses a seller encounters when they sell a house. Nationwide Property Buyers, however, cuts out the commission, saving the seller considerable amount of money.

Chain free sale – selling directly means that there are no worries of the property chain breaking.

Easy Process – The sale process is normally very straightforward since there are just 2 parties involved in a direct sale.

Legal Costs Paid – Nationwide Property Buyers even pay the seller’s solicitor cost to further save money on the sale.

Guaranteed Sale – It is normally impossible to get a guarantee on a property sale from Estate Agents. Selling directly however, solves this problem.

Property can be sold in any condition – One of the biggest problems when selling through an agent is the presentation of the property. If the presentation of the property is wrong, the chance of a sale is significantly reduced. However, selling directly overcomes the need to worry about property presentation since will buy properties in most conditions and anywhere in the UK.

If a seller is facing repossession and wants to sell a property in a slow market, such as the one today, then this service is definitely worth considering. The fact that all the paperwork and the selling process are managed by Nationwide Property buyers makes a property seller’s life considerably easier.

Sophie Jones, a chief sale negotiator at Nationwide Property Buyers outlines the benefits to sellers. She states that; “The guarantee of a sale from this service is a huge bonus for people who are looking to stop house repossession from a lender. Sellers who are looking to achieve a guaranteed sale within a few weeks (or even days) use us to ensure that any difficult situation is resolved”. She goes on to state that, “This way of selling is probably not for everyone, but for those who need the service, come and thank us for helping them lift a big burden off their shoulders.”

Those interested in selling their property this way can contact Nationwide Property Buyers for a free obligation quote. There is no obligation to proceed.

About Nationwide Property Buyers
Nationwide Property Buyers is a specialist property buying company helping home owners to sell house quickly by buying properties directly for cash.

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