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Household Hints for Hay-Fever Relief

Cool Experts Helps Homeowners Fight Back Against Allergies


Cedar Park, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2019 -- Spring brings signs of new life, but it arrives with pollen, mold and allergens in tow. Homeowners with sniffles, itchy eyes and respiratory symptoms can battle seasonal allergies with do-it-yourself cleaning and maintenance—and some professional HVAC help from Round Rock's Cool Experts.

Say Goodbye to Spring & Summer Allergies

When allergens invade indoor air, many Texas residents head to the drugstore for antihistamines. Allergy meds may be part of the solution, but Cool Experts also recommends these simple tips to ease allergy symptoms before they steal the show.

- Ditch the dust. Spring cleaning is about more than readying a home for summer. It's one of the best ways to freshen indoor air and remove dander, spores and contaminants. Homeowners should start by vacuuming and steam-cleaning furniture, window coverings and carpets. Weekly linen washing also keeps pollen and dust mites from taking over bedrooms and living spaces.

- Steer clear of chemicals. Allergy sufferers and those with a sensitivity to chemicals can replace commercial cleaners with basic household items: vinegar, baking soda and sudsy water. These non-toxic options are effective and far less likely to cause skin and respiratory reactions.

- Leave allergens at the door. One of the best ways to minimize indoor allergens is to avoid carrying them inside in the first place. Cool Experts recommends that homeowners and renters take off shoes at the door, shower after gardening and put work clothes straight into the washer.

- Keep pets clean & groomed. Pollen and outdoor allergens can hitch a ride on dogs and cats. Keep fur cut short and bathe house pets once or twice a week to reduce indoor contaminants. Bathing also neutralizes pet dander, which is one of the worst indoor allergy offenders.

- Close up the house. It's tempting to open windows and doors when evening temperatures drop, but allergy and asthma sufferers are better off using high-efficiency air conditioners and fans to keep cool. When AC units wear out and it's time for air conditioner replacement services in Cedar Park, TX, HEPA filters or air purifiers can be added to central HVAC systems.

- Change HVAC filters frequently. High-efficiency media and HEPA filters prevent circulation of mold spores, dust mites and pollutants. Change or clean filters monthly (or more) during high-pollen seasons—and ask a qualified HVAC contractor about indoor air quality solutions for enhanced filtration.

Battle Home Allergens With a Cool Experts' Maintenance Plan

Cool Experts' AC and IAQ maintenance agreements deliver big benefits to Round Rock home and business owners. Keeping buildings cool, comfortable and healthy, these affordable plans minimize pollutants and reduce allergy symptoms. To learn more about Cool Experts' indoor air quality services or to schedule air conditioner repair services in Round Rock, TX and air conditioner replacement services in Cedar Park, TX, call 512.790.5715.

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