Housewared Celebrates Green Lantern's 75th Anniversary with Awesome DC Comics Merchandise


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2015 -- Green Lantern premiered in the July 1940 issue of All-American Comics #16, but wasn't fully official until later, in 1941. After 38 issues, it was cancelled in 1949, until picked up again in 1960 by DC Comics, where it manifested into the Green Lantern fans know today, with Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern. Jordan remains their mainstay character to this day. Green Lantern now celebrates their 75th anniversary in July of 2015., a dynamic and culturally diverse supplier of novelty merchandise and drinkware, is excited to announce that they are celebrating this anniversary with exceptional DC Comics merchandise, including DC Comics mugs featuring Green Lantern and many other fan favorites.

True fans of Green Lantern can unleash their inner superhero with the Green Lantern Character Apron, so they can be Green Lantern while cooking breakfast; it's a start. Customers of Housewared can also bring out the hidden power of their drinks with a selection of Green Lantern character depiction and logo can coolers and coffee mugs. Customers with active imaginations and a love for comics will love the selection of DC Comics mugs, memorabilia and novelty items from Housewared. DC Comics fanatics will also love adding themed ice cube trays and other novelty items to their kitchen arsenal.

Interested parties can choose between other favorites like Wonder Woman and Batman, with a great selection of mugs, aprons, ice cube trays and other novelty items to complement their selection of Green Lantern merchandise. Individuals looking to have a DC Comics themed kitchen will find a home in Housewared.

Those looking for something a little different will be pleased to see that Housewared is a great place to buy movie pint glasses online, as well as pint glasses featuring American favorites like Where's Waldo, MTV, The Peanuts and A Nightmare on Elm Street – it's clear to see that has a diverse selection to accommodate the unique tastes of different customers.

Individuals looking to browse Housewared for their selection of Green Lantern and other DC Comics merchandise are urged to visit them at immediately. The company always appreciates feedback from their clientele and offers a contact form directly on their website. Clientele reaching out to them through this form can expect a response in one to two business days.

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