Housing Development Companies Realise Benefits of Aluminium Edging


East Sussex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- As the summer approaches, much time, money and resources across the country are invested to prepare and create attractive outside spaces. Operating within narrow budget and time constraints are always challenges within this sector and organisations constantly look for areas for improvement and to make savings.

More and more developers and contractors have discovered the benefits of switching from concrete edging to metal edging, and in particular, aluminium edging. Aluminium edging enables workers to install edging more rapidly and with less effort than is required when installing concrete curbs which are heavy to move, work with and install. In addition, the latter requires a cement foundation and haunching which extends into the soil areas below adjacent grass, depleting topsoil and thus starving it of nutrients and water. The consequence being unsightly, receding grass alongside edging borders.

Hastings-based Kinley Systems identifies and supplies innovative, world-class quality products to the landscape industry and external environment. A notable product comes from its aluminium ending brand, ExcelEdge. ExcelEdge provides one of the industry’s widest choices of lawn, landscape, path and border metal edging, aluminium edging and plastic edging. Their AluExcel range of aluminium edging helps numerous groundwork and landscape contractors to reduce on-site installation time and to make ongoing maintenance easier, bringing considerable time and financial savings.

The AluExcel range of aluminium edging is available in nine profile heights which enable them to be used with any type of hard landscape surface. Made from durable, recycled aluminium alloy, AluExcel is up to four times faster to install than concrete curbs, the cost savings are numerable, not to mention the aesthetic advantages in regards to grass care brought about by the lack of footings required to fit. In addition, AluExcel aluminium edging creates a sleek, smooth and flexible edge which is pleasing to the eye.

Housing developers and contractors who want to learn more about Kinley Systems ExcelEdge brand and the advantages of working with their AluExcel aluminium edging system should visit www.kinleysystems.com for more information.

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