Divas Premier Hair Company

Divas Premier Tells Houston: Get Ready for an Elite Virgin Hair Product


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2012 -- Houston get ready! Divas Premier Hair Company has just became the #1 source for exotic VIRGIN hair extensions! We are known as Houston's Virgin Hair Company and there is GOOD reason for it!

If you are tired of buying hair from the Beauty Supply Store that is $40+/pack and not being able to reuse the hair because of tangles that won't quit...


If you are tired of buying hair from proclaimed CRAIGSLIST companies which are gone in the wind when a problem arises...


Founded in 2009, Divas Premier an online based company is bringing the goodness home to our Houston clientele. We offer some origins of hair which CANNOT be found ANYWHERE else in the GREATER HOUSTON AREA guaranteed as Authentic! These include the Divas Virgin Russian Wavy/Curly and Straight; Divas Virgin Filipino Straight/Wavy; and Divas Virgin Argentinian Straight/Wavy! Additionally we continue to offer our BEST selling DIVAS DIAMOND CURL (Virgin Indian Natural Curly); DIVAS SASSY WAVE (Virgin Indian Natural Wavy); and DIVAS INDIAN STRAIGHT (Virgin Indian Natural Straight). Additionally, we offer SUPER HIGH QUALITY Divas Brazilian Natural Wave which is one of our only brands we do not sell as virgin.

Pure Virgin hair can last well over 2+ years with proper care and maintenance! Why pay $85 for hair that will not last 3 months when you can make an investment in the BEST quality with DIVAS PREMIER VIRGIN ELITE products!

After years of research and building a successful business, DIVAS PREMIER has located and maintained INTERNATIONAL clients and stylists who rely on our great products! We import our products from around the WORLD to ensure our clients are receiving the best product out there!

DIVAS PREMIER OFFERS WHOLESALE PRICES TO LICENSED HAIR STYLIST! We currently have salons in Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina which sell ONLY our products! WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCT!

For a consultation, please call us today at 832-429-4813 or send us an email!

About the company:

At Divas Premier our philosophy is simple. We believe that having beautiful hair is an essential part of what makes a woman feel beautiful and confident. We also believe it should be simple and hassle free to purchase beautiful long lasting human hair to enhance your personal look. Whether it’s long and straight or short and curly, we offer exceptional hair to create any style.

Think of our unprocessed hair as a canvas for your masterpiece. Our exceptional quality virgin hair is authentic, genuine, pure, and unaltered by chemicals or color. What you receive is hair in its perfect state… naturally strong, beautiful, and healthy.

Based in Houston, TX (USA), Divas Premier is a leading company specializing in unprocessed virgin hair. We began with an initial clientele base that included upscale salons and stylists. Over the years Divas Premier developed a reputation for delivering a supreme product matched only by our superior customer service.