Houston-Based Interactive AR Launches New, Free Augmented Reality Bible Apps

New apps for iOS and Android bring stories of Noah's Ark and David and Goliath to life in the real world around us, Interactive AR reports


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Interactive AR launched new mobile apps that let children experience the stories of the Bible through the powerful lens of augmented reality. With free apps "Noah's Ark AR" and "David and Goliath AR" now available on Apple's App Store and at the Google Play Store, kids can become immersed in the Bible in ways never before possible. Interactive AR is a pioneering augmented reality company, using the power of technology in ways that produce more compelling and memorable experiences.

"We're proud to announce that Noah's Ark AR and David and Goliath AR are now ready to download for iOS and Android users," Interactive AR representative Arik Bchiri said, "Early feedback has been rewarding to hear, with children and parents alike being highly impressed with how these free apps bring two of the Bible's most important stories to life. We're also happy to report continued progress on two more projects, our upcoming augmented reality 3D puzzles focusing on the stories of Samson and David and Goliath."

Virtual reality is the attempt to produce artificial experience that are just as palpable and engrossing as those of real life. Augmented reality, on the other hand, describes a range of techniques aimed at using digital technology to strategically mediate and enhance real-life sensations and experiences.

One recent, high-profile foray into augmented reality, for example, has been Google's Glass project. That initiative involves the use of a small, transparent display that is mounted over one of the user's eyes, providing information and graphics that appear to be overlaid on the sights of everyday life. Jet pilots in advanced fighters, in fact, have made use of similar technology for some time now, becoming able to stay focused on their surroundings while also taking in digitally delivered information about objectives and enemies.

Houston-based Interactive AR is another important player in this field. Leveraging the power of augmented reality to make the stories of the Bible come alive for children, the company is a pioneer in delivering the technology to an entirely new audience. Instead of forcing children to view the Bible as something distinct from them and separate, Interactive AR's products show how the importance of its stories and lessons endure in the physical world around them.

The company's new apps and other projects are described in full at Visitors to the site will also find news about upcoming interactivear projects and other developments in the field of augmented reality.

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