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Houston-Based Southern Brush Pipeline Services Offers Pipeline Maintenance, Pipeline Data, and Right-of-Way Compliance Services

Pipeline Services and Pipeline Maintenance - Houston Based with National Reach, Southern Brush has the experience to deliver


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2017 -- Southern Brush, one of the premier Pipeline maintenance companies in the Houston area is able to locate pipelines and collect geospatial data using Pipetrak, a specialized program which has been extensively utilized. This top of the line equipment has collected data on over 10,000 miles of pipeline. Pipeline surveys which can be undertaken include Centerline Surveys, Depth-of-Cover Surveys, Close Interval Surveys, Direct Current Voltage Gradient Surveys and Class and High Consequence Area Surveys.

The Southern Brush team use industry-leading equipment like Vivax line locators and Trimble GPS units to deliver accurate data. Operator-qualified personnel works with each client to address their needs.

Carrying a total recordable incident rate of 0.0, Southern Brush is a registered contractor with ISNetword (400-128743) and Veriforce. Safety is actively managed at all times.

With the ability to set up regular schedules to maintain rights-of-way, Southern Brush mows thousands of miles every year, their Customer Service Team can be contacted at When boggy areas need to be cleared and specialized vehicles are required, Southern Brush has tracked vehicles which are able to perform the aquatic mowing.

Southern Brush is a premier provider of pipeline maintenance, pipeline data, and right-of-way compliance services. Services include pipeline locating, pipeline maintenance, data logging, pipeline surveys and marking, tree trimming, vegetation clearing, herbicide application and right-of-way maintenance including traditional mowing services, brush mowing and aquatic mowing.

About Southern Brush
Southern Brush is an industrial and pipeline maintenance company serving national pipeline and energy companies. Additionally, Southern Brush provides line marking and geolocation services for the energy industry and right-of-way compliance services. Southern Brush has provided more than 100,000 miles of pipeline maintenance and surveys, right-of-way compliance, and industrial services for energy companies and utility providers.

Contact Information:
Address: 21755 Interstate 45 North, Building 9, Spring, TX 77388
Telephone: 800-638-2396