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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2023 -- IT companies in Texas offer computing support to clients so they can focus on their core business and not need to become experts in the field of information technology. From Houston cybersecurity and Houston cybersecurity compliance through leveraging the best that IT has to offer to make day-to-day operations easier and resilient, adopting a proactive IT strategy encourages companies to drive their IT plan rather than be driven by changes forced upon them by the infrastructure or their industry standards. As recommended by Avatar Computer Solutions, a premier Houston IT consulting company, gaining a base level of understanding about the IT health of a company can help the strategy form. With quantitative measurements across many variables, some statistics and service levels will be more important than others, depending on the unique business and the customer service that clients expect. Some of the metrics tracked by Avatar Computer Solutions include average phone pickup times, average response times, and average resolution times. Over time, the measures can be repeated to show trends. Not all metrics are weighted equally by clients in different business sectors, so Avatar tailors a plan which dovetails with the company values and goals. For some customers who lose access to a service for instance but don't need an immediate resolution, it may be more important to log a call quickly and then leave the company to fix the problem in their own time. For others, the loss of a service may have an immediate impact, like the loss of heating, or the inability to operate a fleet of vehicles. In these situations, logging a call quickly is important, but the resolution time is the real factor that will retain a client and deliver value. The goal for most people who use information technology on a daily basis is to reduce the risks and drive issues to a minimum. Once a company becomes dependent on an IT system, like receiving inquiries online through a form filled in by potential clients, any unexpected outages or errors could start to affect revenue and the reputation of the company almost immediately. Having a predictable IT environment and a plan to upgrade, improve, or stabilize it over time also helps to manage the costs associated with IT and the management of IT resources, so that it can be budgeted for along with the other aspects of the business. Understanding the goals of the client helps Avatar to partner in a meaningful way to customize the IT goals to fit in with short and longer-term strategies. If there is no way to seamlessly share data outside of one small office currently, and a new satellite office will be opened soon, then this project should be prioritized and managed. Predicting where changes need to be made is one way to help rank future milestones so that the business is supported by IT rather than constantly reacting.

Minimizing cybersecurity threats and IT issues is a proven way to manage predictable investment, with unexpected disruption often being costly and highly unpredictable in nature. Houston Managed Service Providers are able to develop an IT environment where cyber security is one of the pillars supporting the client's business.

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Avatar Computer Solutions, one of the premier IT companies in Houston, TX, provide IT solutions and help create a technical roadmap for clients to embrace the best that IT has to offer their unique business needs, leveraging information technology to protect their brand, be competitive in their marketplace, keep client data secure, communicate efficiently, have a robust plan to keep running when the unexpected happens. Staying current in a rapidly-changing IT landscape is a challenge, especially when the core business has nothing to do with IT. As a Houston managed computer solutions company, clients are free to focus on their strengths, with Avatar Computer Solutions supporting technology needs such as proactive IT management, cybersecurity solutions, IT project management resources, Houston IT consulting, data backup and disaster recovery strategies, migrating to the cloud, and Houston cybersecurity compliance. Avatar is ranked as a top Managed Services Provider by MSPmentor. Across Texas, more businesses trust Avatar for their IT support than any other company.

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