Houston Evictions Provides Pay or Vacate Notices to Help Landlords Stay in Control

Houston Evictions offers hand-delivered Notice to Pay or Vacate to non-paying or delinquent tenants in the Houston Metro area. The firm handles each step of the legal process for obtaining rent payments for landlords.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- Houston Evictions and Lisa Ware offer a unique service to landlords of properties in the Houston metro area. The company provides hand delivery of Notice to Vacate for all landlords trying to collect delinquent rent. Property owners from all around the world own rental properties in Houston. When a tenant refuses or is unable to pay rent, a hand-delivered Notice to Pay or Vacate will show the tenant that action is required.

Rent collections are necessary for landlords to recover their investment. Texas law provides for an eviction process when a tenant is more than three days overdue in paying month-to-month rent charges. Houston Evictions offers full eviction services to the landlord.

Spokesperson Lisa Ware explained the process, “Has your tenant ceased making rent payments. If they are refusing to answer calls about the failure, it is time to let us start the eviction process for you. Don’t waste time hoping they will pay the rent. They will tell you anything not to pay the rent. Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to them.”

When a third party hand-delivers an eviction notice, the tenant will realize the seriousness of the matter. Houston Evictions will protect the investment of the landlord and either collect the rent or begin legal proceedings. A certified letter is mailed to the tenant, followed by hand delivery of the notice to the tenant. This complies with the court's notification time schedule. Additional steps in the legal eviction process can be carried out as necessary.

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Houston Evictions provide individual property owners and real estate investors throughout the Houston area with fast, reliable and professional eviction services from start to finish.

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