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Houston Fosters Relationship with Community Philanthropists and Entrepreneurs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Houston Texas continues to face many economic challenges, and there are still areas in the heart of the city where those living below the poverty line is approaching sixty percent. In times like this, no amount of action by the regional government can create the kind of sweeping change needed, but what they can’t do doesn’t stop entrepreneurial individuals of the region focusing on what they can do. One such is Haidar Babouti, a business leader who has dedicated a third of his time to fighting on behalf of the needy.

Just as in business, Haidar Babouti’s charitable endeavors started small when he noticed the amount of abandoned and stray dogs in the city. He began a month long drive to save cats and dogs from forced euthanization, and was successful enough that the Highland Village pet adoption center was the end result.

Haidar, a restaurateur, has also led the charge in community outreach when he joined forces with the Tasti D-Lite dessert shop of Houston to throw a fundraiser for the Berry kids, who lost their parents in a tragic car accident. He organized a match funding program in which business leaders donated $3 for every $1 donated by the public, raising a total of $35,000.

An aide to Mr Babouti described him, “Haidar has always had a strong inclination to fight for those who need to have their basic human rights protected and their basic needs addressed. Though a successful businessman in his own right, I’m certain he could have been far more ambitious if he didn’t dedicate so much of his time to good causes with no thought to profit beyond how much he can raise to pass straight on to those who need it. His work with children and animals reflects his nurturing nature, which I believe is what has ensured his success in business.”

About Haidar Babouti
Haidar Barbouti is a restaurateur and well knock local social activist raising money for good causes as well as creating charitable initiatives. As well as raising funds he is well known in Houston for donating retail space he owns to help create the Highland Village Adoption center for animals. For more information, please visit: