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Houston Garage Door Repair Professionals Launch Safety Campaign

Troublesome garage doors are dangerous as well as aggravating, Houston Garage Door Repair Professionals warns


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- According to statistics, over 12,000 people were injured by garage doors during a year, and 12.7 of these people were hurt while attempting to work on their doors. With this in mind, Jason Whitney announces the services of Houston Garage Door Repair Professionals (http://www.BestGarageDoorRepairHouston.com). "It's clear that some garage door repair jobs, like replacing the torsion springs (http://ddmgaragedoors.com/diy-instructions/replace-garage-door-torsion-springs.php), can be dangerous to laymen," the company spokesman notes.

"It's clear that safety is an often-overlooked reason for hiring professionals to do garage door repairs," he went on. "The springs aren't the only dangerous parts of a garage door. Most people actually hurt themselves with the door rollers or other pinch points. This is most likely to happen to someone who is trying to work on the track or get the door back into the track."

Thanks to the prevalence of automatic garage door openers, doors have been able to be made much heavier than they used to be. This has also contributed to an increase in the danger level of the doors. "Garage doors that won't stay up are more than a nuisance nowadays," Whitney states. "Houston garage door repair is essential for making sure that a child, or even an adult, isn't crushed by a garage door that suddenly falls out of position. Garage door openers have safety devices meant to prevent that, but those devices won't work if an essential part has failed. Only proper maintenance and repairs can ensure that everything will work like it's supposed to."

Physical safety isn't the only reason to get garage door repair Katy TX. "Thieves just love to break in through garage doors because they are notoriously weak to such attempts," Whitney explains. "This makes it essential to be sure that the lock is in excellent working order. It's also important to be sure that the door can't easily be knocked off of its tracks. Finally, homeowners should be sure that their garage door openers are secure. Modern ones have good security measures in place, but someone who has kept one from the 70s or early 80s should replace it in order to access current features."

Of course, there are many other reasons to get a garage door fixed. "Safety aside, most people call for repairs when the door is causing some sort of aggravation. If it's hard to open or close, won't stay in position, or is otherwise causing obvious trouble, people soon call for garage door repair Houston. This makes sense because it's impossible to ignore an obvious problem."

"Because of this," Whitney continued, "we offer repair services for all sorts of garage door problems. We also offer maintenance to help prevent problems from developing in the first place."

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