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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2018 -- There are many characteristics which may help define a property as contemporary or modern in style. One of the most dramatic features of a modern property may be the embracing of natural light, utilizing not only traditional windows but also skylights, doors with glass panels, and the adoption of floor to ceiling windows, maximizing the light to showcase the design details within. The natural light can reach even more of the interior space when an open floor plan is adopted. This allows light to spill between rooms and spaces. Houston luxury real estate draws inspiration from all around the world, from French-inspired chateau designs to Colonial facades complete with a grand entrance to the home and columns surrounding the entryway. Houston luxury homes often showcase a blank canvas of neutral shades however contemporary properties often punctuate this color palette with a pop of bright color, drawing the eye to a design focal point or accenting an architectural feature like a vaulted ceiling or an alcove. Small luxury homes can adopt this style perhaps even easier than a mansion, which may be outwardly more traditional in style. When looking for a property style in Houston, local Houston real estate experts can help with the search. Carnan Properties, a premier Houston luxury real estate company based in the Galleria, have local experts who can help narrow the search to find the perfect property for house hunters in and around the Houston area. With a mix of price points and styles, the team at Carnan Properties have generational ties to Houston which they bring to work each and every day.

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Carnan Properties is a full-service, luxury real estate company offering outstanding service and results to Houston and the world. Multilingual agents offer local Houston real estate experience to those who want to move to, or within, this vibrant city. Their portfolio of Houston luxury real estate includes high-end luxury homes for sale, million dollar homes, mansions for sale, townhomes, country homes, small luxury homes, luxury apartments, and luxury high rise for sale. Carnan Properties present residential and commercial properties for sale, a full-service Houston real estate company with deep local roots. The experienced and professional team of experts bring their unique approach to create an experience found only at Carnan Properties. For Galleria Houston real estate, River Oaks Houston real estate, downtown Houston real estate, and a selection of properties in neighborhoods in and around Houston, contact Carnan Properties today.

Founded by Carmina Zamorano, she eloquently sums up the reason real estate agents in Houston at Carnan Properties are passionate about their profession: "A house is just a building. A home is a sensation."

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