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Houston Managed IT services range from Cybersecurity to Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, Virtual Desktop support, cloud migration IT support, and IT consulting services


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2022 -- IT companies in Houston, TX, offer support across a wide range of Information Technology specialties so that clients can focus on their own core business without needing to become experts in cyber security, data backup strategies, modern communications, IT project management, IT strategy, IT Help Desk support, and server management. Years ago, a storefront was often all a company needed to attract customers and convey its competitive edge, attracting new clients locally by word-of-mouth and their footprints on the ground. Today's world is very different, with most businesses needing a strong digital footprint to appear credible and to connect with tech-savvy clients who expect to be able to have information at the tips of their fingertips at any time of the day or night. Whilst word-of-mouth remains a powerful funnel to reach prospective clients, there are expectations across virtually all business sectors to engage via information technology, offering payment methods that are secure, making sure that any client data that is shared is protected, and being a quick click away if there are questions. Houston cybersecurity strategies can help reduce the chance that a security incident occurs, and planning robust processes and procedures to follow in the event of a cyber attack can help reduce the disruption caused and mitigate any compromise quicker. When a business looks to protect its site and infrastructure, the threat of cyber attacks can seem daunting and mysterious, with new threats emerging frequently, threatening to undermine the credibility of the company, and compromise the data. It is certainly the case that a proactive IT strategy that seeks to prevent a cybersecurity breach from happening could save stress, time, and money in the long run. One of the subtleties of the cyber threat is that a company can be compromised and not realize that it has happened. Avatar Computer Solutions, a premier Houston IT consulting company, believes that a managed cybersecurity approach that includes regular assessments, external testing, proactive management, staff education, and careful planning through the introduction of processes and procedures is the best approach. They offer a complimentary IT assessment to understand the current IT baseline, quantitatively measuring the health of the IT environment by assessing over 300 unique indicators. Once improvements are made and a roadmap is followed, subsequent reports measure the success of the improvement program. A stable IT environment is the goal for any company that wants to reduce risk and face fewer IT issues. Change is inevitable though, so IT changes should be carefully managed and timed strategically. When IT problems occur, they can be costly and can divert time and effort away from the core business. In circumstances such as these, Avatar Computer Solutions prides itself on delivering a quick initial response and prompt problem resolution times. Providing value in every interaction, the staff tailor solutions to each client, helping keep the company secure.

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Avatar Computer Solutions, one of the premier IT companies in Houston, TX, provide IT solutions and help create a technical roadmap for clients to embrace the best that IT has to offer their unique business needs, leveraging information technology to protect their brand, be competitive in their marketplace, keep client data secure, communicate efficiently, have a robust plan to keep running when the unexpected happens. Staying current in a rapidly-changing IT landscape is a challenge, especially when the core business has nothing to do with IT. As a Houston managed computer solutions company, clients are free to focus on their strengths, with Avatar Computer Solutions supporting technology needs such as proactive IT management, cybersecurity solutions, Houston IT project management resources, Houston IT consulting, data backup and disaster recovery strategies, migrating to Houston cloud servers, and Houston network support

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