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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2022 -- As a premier Houston IT consulting company, Avatar Computer Solutions offers a range of IT solutions that can be tailored to each client, irrespective of their business sector. One of the common requirements across a broad range of business enterprises is their dependence on IT and a credible online presence to win new clients and retain an existing client base. Employing a proactive IT strategy is the best way to combat an ever-evolving set of challenges and threats from cyber attacks looking to steal customer data for their own financial gain or to cause disruption and reputational damage. Houston cybersecurity specialists, Avatar Computer Solutions have found that their combination of regular assessments, coupled with external testing, careful planning, staff education, and the implementation of effective cybersecurity procedures manage the risks and help limit damage when a potential threat becomes a reality. Avoiding a malicious cyber attack is always the best outcome, however, if an attack is successful, being able to identify, isolate, and then remove that threat becomes an important time-sensitive task. With a wide client base, it is also sensible to factor in scalable solutions, so that if a small business is looking to expand and grow over the coming years, the solution to be implemented is one that will fit the company today and into the future. Understanding the goals and future plans of a client, as well as the history in many cases, can support the development of a roadmap, modernizing infrastructure whilst remaining cost-effective. If the scope of work to be done is very large, potentially costly, and may stretch over an implementation period that may last years, it makes sense to break the workload into smaller milestones that can be managed individually as projects. One of the key definitions of an IT project is that it has a defined start and end date, and it is not unusual for external factors to influence a business that cannot be predicted. For these reasons, a staggered set of deliverables can be outlined, with the plan revisited on a regular basis. The three common pillars within IT projects that need to be balanced are scope, time, and budget. Often, a change to one of the pillars, such as a reduction in the available budget or a necessary extension to the time to deliver, can lead to an exercise of prioritizing the outstanding work. IT companies in Houston, TX, are able to support local clients and also apply the same strategy to support clients across Texas and beyond. Gaining and then retaining cybersecurity compliance is an important requirement for some industry sectors with the establishment of a set of risk-based controls which must be adhered to in order to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of specified information.

A stable IT environment that is fit for purpose and compliant should translate into fewer issues and less risk for the company. By assessing over 320 indicators of a client's IT environment, Avatar Computer Solutions can quantitatively report on a starting baseline and repeat the process over time to show changes that result from an improvement plan. Key performance metrics may be more critical for some clients depending on their daily operation, with average response times and average resolution times being examples of key metrics which can be measured.

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Avatar Computer Solutions, one of the premier IT companies in Houston, TX, provide IT solutions and help create a technical roadmap for clients to embrace the best that IT has to offer their unique business needs, leveraging information technology to protect their brand, be competitive in their marketplace, keep client data secure, communicate efficiently, have a robust plan to keep running when the unexpected happens. Staying current in a rapidly-changing IT landscape is a challenge, especially when the core business has nothing to do with IT. As a Houston managed computer solutions company, clients are free to focus on their strengths, with Avatar Computer Solutions supporting technology needs such as proactive IT management, cybersecurity solutions, IT project management resources, Houston IT consulting, data backup and disaster recovery strategies, migrating to the cloud, and Houston cybersecurity compliance. Avatar is ranked as a top Managed Services Provider by MSPmentor. Across Texas, more businesses trust Avatar for their IT support than any other company.

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