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HOUZER Offering Impeccably Designed Double Basin and Apron Front Farmhouse Sinks

HOUZER, a top US brand manufacturer of stainless-steel sinks, is offering a wide range of durable and attractive double basin and apron front farmhouse sinks.


Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2019 -- Based in Hamilton, New Jersey, HOUZER is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of kitchen sinks. It has earned a name for designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality and diligently designed sinks speaking volumes of durability and stylish appeal. HOUZER has a reputation of being the only sink manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing sinks in five different materials, which are stainless steel, granite, cast iron, fire clay, and porcelain respectively. As the company is mainly into producing quality backed and uniquely designed stainless steel sinks, its granite and copper sinks have a tiny share in the market.

In response to a query related to HOUZER, the company spokesperson in an interview stated, "Based on more than 30 years of experience, HOUZER offers the widest selection of premium sinks at moderate prices like no other brand. We have been improving millions of kitchens across America and overseas, one sink at a time. Our sinks manage to satisfy and make happy even the most discerning customers, for we painstakingly craft them combining the highest quality materials and artisan's attention to line and detail. Country, classic, transitional, ultra-contemporary or whatever design theme customers have in mind, they can easily find HOUZER sinks to match their interest."

Stainless steel holds the highest ranking in material choice for kitchen sinks for a good reason. Its hardy and handsome attributes work wonders for keeping stainless steel sinks looking sparkling clean and new for long. Additionally, resistance to rust, scratches, and stains of stainless steel makes it a natural pick for appliances and fixtures in places wherever hygiene is a priority. Being a master of the stainless-steel form, 70% of all sinks that HOUZER produces in the US are made of stainless steel that have a superior grain and polish compared to most brands in the market.

The spokesperson added, "HOUZER uses premium Type 304 stainless steel on all models and the premium 18/8-10 mix (18% Chrome and 8-10% Nickel). Chrome increases the hardness and wear-resistance of sinks, whereas Nickel increases the strength and resilience to dents. It provides a hygienic, scratchproof, and resilient surface that requires minimal care and maintenance. All our sinks come equipped with a sound absorbing pad made of natural rubber. The Super-Silencer pad reduces the noise of clattering dishes and running water. Additionally, HOUZER sinks boast a marble powder-based sound control undercoating. Specially formulated and applied over super silencer pad, it reduces the noise and thermally insulates sink keeps hot soaking water hot for longer."

HOUZER has evolved as a reliable choice for homeowners and property owners seeking the perfect double basin kitchen sinks . These stylish and durable sinks are available in a rectangular 80/20 configuration and corner sink models. HOUZER also is a great source for apron front sinks that are not just functional and comfortable but also elegant.

HOUZER is a provider of stainless-steel sinks painstakingly crafted using the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship. It can also be a good choice for those looking for classic granite sinks featuring substantially improved properties with cutting-edge workmanship and material properties.

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