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Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2018 -- For over three decades, Houzer has been providing improved stainless steel kitchen sinks across America and overseas. Houzer is a privately owned limited company. The company believes that sinks can make one's life in the kitchen more comfortable and enjoyable.Houzer combines the highest quality materials and emphasis to fine detail to provide sinks that are painstakingly crafted to satisfy the consumer who demands the very best. Every aspect is enhanced on every sink to produce to long-lasting beauty and value to any home for years to come.Houzer sinks achieve an enticing presentation for the client's kitchen, and the sinks are the perfect complement of today's new surface makes.

"Our continuousexpansion over the past few years is attributed to the thirty-five-year legacy marked due to the quality assurance methods and consistent manufacturing processes along with strategic branding that Houzer brings tothe United States market. Houzer plans to expand its boundaries to global countries such as South Korea. The current supply chain issues affecting Chinese exports as the two countries engage in beneficial trade agreement make this expansion a formidable and unique advantage forHouzer to evolve further and expand its reach other parts of the world," said the Manager.

Clients can now purchase farmhouse sinks from Houzer at competitively affordable prices. Sinks are the essential functional elements of the kitchen. Nothing is like the sturdiness and shine of stainless steel sinks. Houzer presents 16-gauge stainless steel sinks loaded with excellent qualities like scratch resistance, stain resistance, easy to wipe and no special maintenance. These sinks are the best. The classy farmhouse stainless steel sink brings out an elegance worth desiring. Houzer has the expertise of crafting amazing sinks in different pleasing shapes and styles which come as top-mount, under-mount, zero radii,bar prep, among other designs to suit the client's specific requirement.

"Houzer offers stainless steel sinks that are of high quality. In addition to fabricated steel sinks, hand hammered copper and granite composite sinks; the company sells through plumbing both retail and wholesale distribution thus serving the broader United States area. Our new facility will increase our total production capacity and also increase our capacities to work with selective private contracts with US-based importers. That is the Houzer brand," stated Ken Fey, the Chief Operating Officer of Houzer, Inc.

Clients can also purchase colored kitchen sinks at Houzer. The sinks available at Houzer come in various colors. Porcela sinks give one's house a feel of cast iron with its shiny look. The sinks are as easy to install as an undermount stainless steel sink. The porcela series sinks from Houzer have a glossy, durable, non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, chips, and scratches.

About Houzer, Inc
Houzer provides stainless steel sinks that smart, stylish and can fit in homes everywhere.Houzer offers a sensational style and artwork for any kitchen design. Stainless steel has become the most familiar and well-used finishes in most homes today. Every homeowner wants their sink to appear sparkling clean. Houzer offers stainless steel sinks that are resistant to rust and scratches. The stainless nature if these steel sinks give hygienea priority as they are easy to clean. That is why over 60% of all sinks produced in the United States are of stainless steel.

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