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How a Minor Character Gets Major Explained by Author Marsha A. Moore

As a guest blogger at Her Ladyship’s Quest, the author revealed how a minor character became crucial to completing the Enchanted Bookstore Legend fantasy series.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- On a blog tour to promote Quintessence: Enchanted Bookstore Legend Five, author Marsha A. Moore was a guest blogger at Her Ladyship’s Quest on January 30th. Moore shared the background about the child character Kessa who was introduced in the previous novel of the fantasy romance series.

In her guest post the author shared how she had not originally intended a large role for the young girl, but then Moore described how Kessa’s “magic sparked my heart.” Enchanted by her own fictional creation, Moore went on to give the girl more powers and entwine her story with the heroine Lyra. Kessa became a child seer and Lyra related to the young girl’s childhood.

In Quintessence: Enchanted Bookstore Legend Five, Lyra will be forced to choose between saving Kessa from prison or finishing her quest to obtain magical keystones needed to battle the enemies of Dragonspeir.

Insights such as these are often shared by authors on blog tours. People interested in the craft of writing enjoy access to the experiences of authors in the blogosphere. Moore has been a repeat guest at Her Ladyship’s Quest, the blog of fantasy author Tracy Falbe.

The first four novels in the Enchanted Bookstore Legend series are:

Seeking a Scribe
Heritage Avenged
Lost Volumes

Moore lives in Tampa, Florida. She enjoys outdoor activities like bicycling and kayaking. In addition to writing fantasy romances she paints with watercolors and draws.

“Much of my life feeds the creative flow I use to weave highly imaginative tales,” Moore said.