How a Mom Overcame the Odds and Pursued a Job as a Trucker

Are you thinking that a mother cannot become a trucker? Well, read this article and met a mother who has earned a decent living out of the profession and is totally fulfilled.


Qingdao, Shandong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2017 -- ANSTER is dedicated to create a resource center to provide informative tips for the truckers. "We are delighted to publish A Complete Guide for truckers and safety or technology" said Carlos, ANSTER's Online marketing Manager. "This is part of our effort to create a complete online resource center where everyone can access information for free on tips for truckers and heavy hauling technology."

ANSTER: a leading Chinese SPMT and semi-trailer manufacturer and supplier, they have recently published two posts:

First is regarding job opportunities for females: "How a Mother Overcame the Odds and Pursued a Job as a Trucker" and second one is "How to secure truck load? Use these vital tips to keep your load secure!". These posts are freely available on ANSTER's official website. It is a complete guide for people who want to learn more about trucking.

Post one is guidance for females who want to want to move forward and take the opportunity to be a trucker. ANSTER shared a story of a mom who was a cashier few years ago and now become a trucker through her own efforts. This job not only made her earn a good living (a starting salary of 40,000 to 45000 dollars a year) but also boosted her self-confidence. As a trucker, her visit those places which she had never imagined she would ever go to. Thus, it can be a good opportunity for women to take off. The new guide covers all the vital aspects of becoming a trucker in the trucking industry.

The second article published by ANSTER was about making sure that the truck is loaded securely and minimize the chances of any accident. According to an estimate around 25000 road accidents take place in U.S. and 22000 accidents in U.K. which are caused by semi-trailer truck and heavy equipment transport.

The most important things need to be kept while loading heavy equipment is to avoid overloading things and make sure that all equipment is tied to loading bed so that it does not fall apart while the trailer is moving. Moreover, trucks opening ends must be tied with net if the equipment loaded is somehow higher than the height of the boundary of the trucks or trailers. This can avoid shifting of trailer towards sideways while moving on the road and can help in avoiding a large number of road accidents.

ANSTER is doing appreciable efforts to provide informative tips for truckers. they are providing a number of tips to avoid road accidents as much as possible by ensuring safe loading of heavy equipment.

ANSTER is a well-known SPMT and semi-trailers supplier. It has military technology and deals in China. The quality of its products can be compared to most of European products which are well known throughout the world and have established its name for a reason and that reason we all know is quality, affordability and reliability of course. ANSTER has been competing with many well established and popular SPMT suppliers, it is a result of their ultimate hard work which has brought it up in the world's class suppliers.