How Businesses Can Ensure Safe Water Supplies During Disasters


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2016 -- Disasters have massive impacts in a locality. Beyond residences, disasters can also have impacts on business establishments. Because of their strength, even business operations are disrupted during emergency situations, reasons why people hear some major businesses closing down during disasters.

When calamities damage places like New York City, website Water Technology Online said that businesses are inclined to use electricity generators as back up when lines are cut, but the disruption of power grids reportedly has impacted over the water supply.

Many water facilities and public water systems also use generators as back-up during emergency situations, but if the calamity strikes for a long period of time, the generator will not be able to hold enough fuel for everyone in the location, the website added further.

Like how communities are told to prepare, Water Technology Online also noted the level of disaster preparedness by commercial establishments, to mitigate impacts and save more lives. Here are some of the points discussed in the article in terms of emergency preparedness for businesses.

- It will help if emergency kits during typhoons, earthquakes, harsh winter weather and more will be provided for the company works.

- Businesses should be able to partner with companies that can offer quality water supplies if emergency situations cause some of their supplies to get poor in quality.

- During local disasters, businesses are advised to restrict the vehicles moving in the area and use some resources to bring in water supplies around their departments.

- It will also help if businesses can find companies that can install pools that have quality water for non-drinking purposes.

- Small businesses can fill in bath tubs, drums, and other water containers beforehand to be used as backup water supply. Just be aware of storing them for a longer period of time.

"Even as improvements in technology allow people to better manage disasters, forward thinking ahead of time cannot be understated," Water Technology Online noted in its article.

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