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How Can a Family Attorney Help in a Child Support Case?

Children have to go through intense emotional stress when their parents get divorced. They are the ones who are affected the most. Both the parents must take the responsibility to provide financial support to the child. A child support attorney can help resolve these issues.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- There are various laws that govern divorce, alimony, and child support cases. Going through a divorce is difficult in itself and the laws of the state have become more and more stringent. During these traumatic times, one needs to consult a competent family and marital lawyer who can represent their case aggressively in front of the jury. A child support attorney can tactfully address various concerns like:

a) Negotiating the amount of child support: this is decided by calculating the income and financial condition of both the parents. It differs from state to state. The support includes payment for food, clothing, health care, and education of the child.
b) The duration of child support: generally the parents need to financially support their children until they turn 18 although there are other possibilities when the child is physically or mentally challenged.
c) Changes in child support: one needs to modify the terms and conditions when either of the parents loses his or her job, or receive a salary hike or appraisal. A skilled attorney can guide is clients about these regulations.

The child support attorney can also be helpful when the non-custodial parent fails to pay the support amount. Child support is normally reviewed after a period of three years by looking through the income of parents and their tax returns, stocks and bonds. It is advisable to choose an attorney carefully in order to get the best assistance regarding child support during a divorce.

Child support attorneys in South Florida at A. J. Barranco & Associates make sure that all the necessary paperwork is done on time and is filed correctly. They ensure that the proceedings go as smooth as possible. Further details can be obtained on barrancolaw.com.

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