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If people think that the Customer Relations Management (CRM) software is already an excellent business tool in itself, think again. There’s an even better version of CRM that can be used by businesses in their quest to provide better customer service and at the same time a better chance of taking a huge bite at the industry market pie.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- The latest tweak on CRM is called social CRM, considered by many business managers as an even more important business tool. It has been said that social CRM is the reason why their businesses have grown through the years, and other businesses too can take advantage of social CRM especially in the aspect of boosting sales and productivity. Here’s a quick look at what social CRM is, and what makes this different from the basic CRM.

What makes social CRM different?

As used in different companies and organizations, this is traditionally a business strategy backed by a number of resources and technologies. Different resources and tools may be used to interact with each other but at the end of the day the main role of this type of business tool is to focus on the customer. In short, this will refer to a system that can effectively manage the requirements and wants of the customers. If for the traditional CRM the main task is to guide the customer through a process to make him satisfied and to come back for more, the social aspect of CRM on the other hand incorporates public relations where the customer takes an active role in the delivery and solving of business issues. To make all these things happen, social media is made part of the equation.

How social CRM helps boost productivity

Social CRM has certainly marked differences with the basic CRM. But these variations have resulted to one thing- help businesses boost their productivity. This benefit provided by the social CRM is validated by the survey made by Nucleus Research (March 2012) that suggested that through the help of social CRM, 11.8 percent of the sales staff of the company has become productive. The same research also suggested that 21 percent of the users of this business tool mentioned that the use of this tool has boosted productivity by 20 percent and another 37 percent of those surveyed said that there were marked improvements from 10-20 percent. These details proved one thing- social CRM rocks a business.

This business tool works in many ways. One reason for this is the inclusion of social media tools. Customers are into the use of social media, with hundreds of millions of users using social media websites. If a business can tap into social media then it would be easier to interact with potential and current customers.

Through the help of social CRM, customers are made into company products and services spokespersons. It would be easier to spread the word about new products and services, and make customers as ambassadors of the products.

Finally through social CRM, companies can have access to loads of customer data that are shared on social media. These details and information can be used for lead generation and in the process boost sales and employee productivity. Social CRM has merged two important business resources- customer relations management and social media and through this merger can help boost productivity and the company’s bottom-line.

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