How Do You Integrate Your DNS Filtering Service with Twingate?

If you want to strengthen your data privacy and ensure double-layered protection when using the internet, you might want to consider integrating your Domain Name System or DNS filtering service into Twingate’s Zero Trust Network solution.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2022 -- It is practical and wise to take advantage of a DNS filtering service. Without access to a DNS, you will fall prey to poor network security and reduced productivity. Contrary to having a DNS that allows you to monitor the websites that users can access.

A DNS filter takes action immediately, even before browsers or another web-aware program can interact with harmful or unauthorized websites.

How this works is that when a user has clicked a link, their browser connects to a DNS resolver, which then consults further into DNS servers to determine the IP address of the website. Only when the DNS resolver gives the user the IP address can they access the website.

DNS filtering service also keeps user devices out of attack points. Phishing scams, breached data, rogue sites, and malicious web banners can reveal your network with one click. The DNS filter stops these attacks.

If this interests you, Twingate has established a Secure Domain Name System (DNS).

Twingate's secure DNS requests are more difficult to spy on and manipulate. Whether hosted on your system or managed by a third party, Secure DNS enables you to define the DoH resolver. It will examine each DNS request made by a user's computer in light of predetermined configuration options.

To integrate your DNS filtering service with Twingate, you must first enable the DoH of your twingate account. Simply navigate to your settings, go to secure DNS, and turn the switch on to DNS over HTTPS. The DoH Resolver should then be changed to Custom, and you should also add the URL for your DNS filter provider.

After that, pick a Fallback Method, which can either be strict or automatic. As a final step, choose customer segments from the DNS filter to control exceptions. Add any organizations that need to be excluded from requiring a DoH.

Now you are good to enjoy a safe and great experience as your DNS filter integrates with Twingate's Secure DNS.

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