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How Drivers Can Prevent Florida Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance rates in Florida are among the highest in the nation. However, drivers can take steps to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2012 -- The State of Florida requires all drivers within the state to have personal injury protection and liability insurance. If a driver causes an accident, their insurance pays a claim up to the limits of their policy. Beyond those limits, the driver's assets are at risk.

Some drivers have discovered ways to take advantage of law abiding motorists and the money behind them through their auto insurance policy.

FloridaInsurance.com released a statement today cautioning Florida drivers which said, “You should be aware of the drivers around you and watch out for suspicious behavior. Someone could be trying to get you involved in an accident to file a claim against your insurance.”

Someone trying to commit fraud may weave in and out of traffic. This is generally done when a lot of cars are on the road so traffic is moving a little slower. Rather than maneuvering through traffic to get ahead, the driver will brake immediately after they change lanes. If the driver behind them does not stop in time, they could hit the reckless driver.

In Florida, the driver that causes an accident from behind is usually determined to be at fault. Thus any damages caused to the front car or liability would be paid by the driver of the rear vehicle. In the example of the weaving driver, they would get into a low speed fender bender. They would then give a false statement to the police officer and file a claim stating that they are suffering from pain in order to get a larger payout.

This trick is also pulled at traffic lights where it is easy to cut in front of another driver before stopping at a red light where it looks less suspicious.

A lot of accidents occur on Florida highways and interstates and many people are seriously injured. In those events, they deserve the protection offered by Florida auto insurance companies. But drivers that commit fraud cause everybody's rates to go up as these cases increase the risk for insurance companies.

FloridaInsurance.com says, “A vigilant driver is the safest. If you see someone swerving, being suspicious, or driving in unpredictable patterns, distance yourself from them. Let that driver get as far ahead of your as possible. While insurance fraud causes everybody's rate to go up, an at-fault insurance claim against your policy will directly affect what you pay in the future.”

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