How Homeowners Can Be Rightfully Compensated Using a Public Adjuster NY


Sayville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- When it comes to the possibility of hiring a public adjuster NY homeowners filing their claim for mold damage compensation think twice, after hearing about numerous cases when people in the same situation had to settle for the minimum amount offered by the insurance company, and saw no benefits from the services of the adjuster they had hired.

Although cases like these are not uncommon, it is important to make the difference between the various adjusters offering their services on the NY market. Everyone knows that mold infestation is extremely dangerous, first for the health of the people leaving in the affected home, and then for the structure of the building in question and for the goods it shelters, like furniture, flooring, carpets, etc.

However, many insurance companies refuse to accept it as a valid argument for compensation. Unlike other categories of damages that are expressly mentioned in the insurance policies of all homeowners, mold is subject to controversies, not being covered by all the policies.

Quite often, a public adjuster, NY based or not, fails to prove the existence of mold or its inclusion in the insurance policy beyond the reason of doubt, so, when the insurance company proposes an amount, he advises the homeowner to accept it, not knowing if he can get a better agreement.

The word has it that things are different with Equitable Public Adjusters, a company with tradition, serving New York, New Jersey and Florida. They are said to analyze every case and let their clients know exactly what to expect from their services.

Thus, those whose homes were affected by mold, have to schedule an appointment and take their insurance policy to public adjuster NY office. Based on the policy’s coverage and on the clients’ presentation of facts, an evaluation is usually scheduled. It ends with a report of the adjuster, informing the client exactly where he stands, whether the claim can be filed and what amount he can count on.

Based on this report, the client can decide whether to give up, file the claim or contact another public adjuster, NY hosting several companies and professionals in this field. The best part is that false hopes and unnecessary expenses are most of the times avoided and, when the report is favorable, the homeowner can rest assured knowing that his claim is in the best hands, being prepared and filed by the book, backed up by evaluation and arguments that no insurance company can contradict and always leading to fair compensation for the homeowner.

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