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How Hydroponics Is Transforming Modern Catering: Bradford Hydroponics Comments


Bradford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- Recent reports have drawn attention to a number of farm-to-table initiatives in the US, involving hydroponics, which are expected to have big-scale implications, including in the UK. Most recent advancements include a horticulture club at Nashoba Tech School using hydroponics systems to provide fresh food for a restaurant. The project started in November and since then, chefs have been using crops such as basil, sage, swiss chard and bok choy grown hydroponically as part of the project. There is growing interest in this area and accordingly in the UK, more businesses as well as homeowners are set to look to hydroponics as a way of growing and eating their own produce.

The focus on Nashoba Tech School comes in light of their food-growing and catering program called 'Project Sprout' which is overseen by Axopia Harvest – a company which seeks to establish sustainable food programmes with schools. This highlights that hydroponics is an important method of potentially sustainable growth; as it can use less resources and is soil-light compared to conventional growing. Instead it means that growth can be carried out indoors using nutrient solutions and a carefully controlled environment.

It is the incorporation of hydroponics into farm-to-table initiatives especially which is having big implications. The prospect of being able to grow and cook fresh ingredients all on one site is not just a potentially efficient idea for schools but also restaurants and homeowners too. Industry expert and prime provider of hydroponics equipment, Bradford Hydroponics was quick to comment on this and reflect on the implications in the UK:

"The school example in the US shows that hydroponics is a method capable of supporting other services, such as providing and serving food. Increasing numbers of people involved in hospitality and catering are looking to hydroponics as a way to provide sustainable and fresh food in their establishments. That's why we're proud to offer a range of hydroponics equipment; including grow tents to get people started."

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