How Invacare Electric Wheelchairs Make You Mobile Again


Fall River, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- It’s a fact of life that almost everyone will experience a decrease in mobility at some point during their lives. It may come from age or disease, but, regardless of its origin, it will immediately dampen the mood of even the most optimistic spirit. Our ability to move, much like our ability to drive or to ride a bike, is equated with freedom. When we no longer have the ability to get around by ourselves, we tend to feel as though some of that freedom is taken away. Providing freedom of mobility is what drives Invacare to design and build a bevy of electric wheelchairs to suit the needs of those who need to be on the go.

As a company that can trace its roots back to 1885, when it first introduced a line of wheeled chairs for people that were suffering from physical disabilities of all kinds, Invacare has steadfastly championed the design and improvement of electric wheelchairs of all kinds. Invacare has made technological advances in motorized wheelchairs that have literally changed the industry. By creating powerful, yet quite motors that operate efficiently, yet last longer, Invacare has earned the trust and respect of wheelchair manufactures all over. But, breakthroughs in technology and advancements in chair design isn't the mainstay of the success and admiration that Invacare enjoys.

Instead, it's the connection to those who use these chairs that inspires Invacare to design better electric wheelchairs. Experienced users can inform design much better than even the best engineers. Understanding that people with disabilities are the only ones who can truly understand the pros and cons of an electric wheelchair allows Invacare to produce a chair that does more than just give freedom back to those with physical disabilities. A well designed chair can give a sense of ease and confidence: Two important ingredients to any successful day.

Since not all people live their life the same way, there needs to be a chair to mimic how it is that each person lives. Invacare has a broad range of electric wheelchairs to suit a number all of these needs. This is important to the overall comfort and confidence of the user. To accommodate this, Invacare creates chairs with front, rear and center-wheel drive, depending on the need for maneuverability. Invacare concentrates on how the controls of the chair operate, how sensitive the controls are, and how they can react to the movements of the user. Lastly, Invacare seeks to provide users with power and speed which are crucial out in the city and on the trail. Regardless of the trail, however, one thing that you will always find is a superb balance and stability in every model we allow onto the showroom floor.

Understanding the needs of people with physical disabilities and meeting those needs is serious business at Invacare. That's why offers Invacare electric wheelchairs to folks nationwide. It's an understanding that these wheelchairs are more than just state-of-the-art technology. They are more than just gears and controls. They are a vehicle for people’s independence and freedom. A reason to rise in the morning and to go about their day. And that is something we want to support. Visit to see our full line of Invacare products.

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