How Jack Enrile Answers the Need for More Jobs


Cagayan, Phillipines -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- To a majority of economic experts and commentators, in this present moment, our country is a potential “economic tiger”, however, a sensible person only needs to take a close look at the streets to notice that there are just too many people who are in abject poverty and unemployed; as a result, it is absolutely essential that senatorial candidates, in this year’s general elections, find solutions that will tackle this major issue, for example, Jack Enrile answers the need for more jobs. For the main reason that he earned a Presidential Masters Degree in Business Administration, not to mention being the chief executive of the JAKA Family Investments Corporation, Jack Enrile is, needless to say, qualified to talk about how to better the economic situation of this country and its inhabitants. And so that more jobs can be created for the Philippine public, Jack has stressed that, as an alternative to centralizing all economic energy into the National Capital Region (NCR), the innumerable outlying provinces of the country ought to be more economically developed, because if this happens then ultimately more jobs will be created. So according to Jack, if all the provinces in the country could be developed, then the country can potentially create a vast amount of jobs than ever before, and, in addition to all this, it can unleash an economic potential which we never thought could happen in our lifetimes. Thus, thePhilippines can possibly become “globally competitive”.

Jack Enrile answers the need for more jobs through allocating the economic power structures away from the NCR and into the provinces all around the country. If one were to look at economic statistics, it would show that thePhilippines have a workforce of 39 million people, and 36 million are employed, which inevitably means that approximately 7% are unemployed. One of the primary reasons this is so is due to the fact that most work can only be found in the NCR, because the per capita income (PCI) of provincial jobs is far from enough. Thus, industry ought to develop the provinces, since they have a wealth of untapped natural resources and tons of unused land ready for utilization. When industry has made its foundations in the provinces, then the per capita income of provincial can increase, so the workforce of the provinces no longer need to go far away to NCR, but can do their jobs near their homes. This seems like a solid solution to this major issue.

About Juan Castaner Ponce Enrile, Jr.
Juan Castañer Ponce Enrile, Jr. (born on July 16, 1958), also known as Jack Enrile, is a Filipino government official. He is a Representative of the 1st District of Cagayan in the 15th Congress. He is the only son and namesake of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile of Cagayan and the former Ambassador to the Holy See, Cristina Castañer of Manila. He is married to former Cagayan Province Congresswoman Salvacion “Sally” Santiago. Sally traces her roots to the Santiagos of Angat and Guiguinto, Bulacan.