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How Linkslive Web Directory Can Be Useful for a Website


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Websites are windows through which products or services of a person or organisations can be introduced, advertised and provided to others. In the present world World Wide Web is the most volatile platform for any kind of communication and internet is the most volatile medium for the same. Therefore, almost every business, whether commercial or otherwise, has a website. According to a survey, there were more than 300million websites on the World Wide Web. Although the numbers of websites provide options to users, they also make search for a particular website difficult. This is why a search-engine or a web directory is required.

While search-engines are the most common resources that internet users use to search information, web-directories are quite helpful too. The concept of web-directories is not comparatively new to that of search-engines. The number of web-directories on the World Wide Web is gradually increasing. Of all the web-directories that exist at present, LinksLive is one. In fact, LinksLive is a complete resource for various requirements of website promotion. As a web directory is a significant resource to enhance the visibility of websites, LinksLive has a dofollow web directory as well. The dofollow web directory of LinksLive was especially developed for web-masters to share their websites or blogs globally.

The services of a web directory can be appreciated only if its significance and relevance is known to people. Web-directories function similar to search-engines but on a much smaller scale. Web-directories list websites’ links in a categorical index. That is, websites’ links are listed based on only specifications input by web-masters. Web-directories link to entire website instead of specific contents or pages. There are different types of web-directories based on the type of websites they list. Dofollow web directory of LinksLive has a number of categories for website-listing. Business, entertainment, family, finance, health, news, reference, regional, travel and more categories ensure that any product or service has a suitable category at LinksLve to get listed.

The links submitted to LinksLive get one-way back-link of high page-rank without a link back. The response time of listing on LinksLive is very quick and web-masters are assured of sooner appearance of their websites. Besides, LinksLive offers other options like article submission too. The entire procedure is quite simple as well. Everything is followed in steps and the scope for confusion or mistake has been considerably minimised. The price range for listing websites at LinksLive web directory is very affordable. Various plans range between $5 per month and $30 per year. The featured links, the pending ones and the latest ones can be viewed at this web directory. Besides, any website can be searched on LinksLive with the help of advance search option.

About LinksLive
LinksLive is a resource for various web-promotion activities. Its dofollow web directory lists websites based on a variety of category as chosen by the web-master. LinksLIve is operational since 5 years and boast of a team of extensively experienced professionals.

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