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How Mosquitoes Enter a House and How to Stop Them: OUTXPRO Public Relations Ongoing Pest Control Information Program


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2016 -- Mosquitoes are very much adept at entering households due to the (obvious) fact that they are very small and can find a way in through any tiny opening. A broken window, a small hole in a window screen, bathroom or other exhaust vents or cracks in foundation, roofs or house siding.

The garage is another area that mosquitoes can access the house through, so make sure you take precautions to zap or repel mosquitoes that enter this area and keep the big doors closed when not in use.

It is really a matter of going over the home from top to bottom starting with the attic and roof to check for areas that mosquitoes and other pests can enter. Make sure to use the smallest mesh screen available to cover possible entry areas.

Use waterproof sealant around any pipes or vents to the outdoors. Sealant can also be used to seal cracks in block wall foundations, roofs or siding.

Check all screens in windows and doors. If there is even a small hole, it must be repaired. Screens can be taken out and replaced for a nominal fee at most hardware stores and home improvement mega stores like Home Depot. You can also buy screen repair kits at these stores.

Outdoor Insect zappers and natural repellent products are a good choice for mosquito and insect control as they use no harmful chemicals.

Pest Control by OUTXPRO™:

OUTXPRO™'s indoor bug zapper can be used to control mosquitoes and other flying insects. Another mosquito repellent by OUTXPRO™ can be used as a bracelet to repel mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects. These are kid, adults and pet friendly accessories that can be used indoors and also outdoors on a covered deck or in restaurants, hospitals, clinics, businesses or the kitchens.

OUTXPRO™ offers products that are environmentally friendly, will not harm animals of any kind. Their research and development team uses a variety of methods such as cutting edge scientific technology along with proven traditional methodology such as plant oil insect repellents that are both safe and effective.

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Mosquito and insect repellents products by OUTXPRO™ feature safe and easy to wear:

Safe for pets, adults and children
Easy to wear
Very economical
No toxic chemicals

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