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How Novage Revolutionized Web Optimization, Saving Websites

A comprehensive web design platform, Novage Communications allows clients to optimize for maximal visibility.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2016 -- The promising platform, Novage communications - has racked in prominent clientele such as Mitsubishi and Lotte and is now available to interested site and business owners of all backgrounds. The core idea of Novage is to supply a self-contained, 'one-stop' service for all web management needs. To fulfil this dream Novage is dedicated to providing a variety of high-quality services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Logo Design, and Testimonial Systems to name a few.

The SEO service alone is a sufficient reason to work with Novage. The on-site expert, Henry Lee, specializes in optimising any site for Baidu and Google searches. To achieve this level of success Novage employs several techniques: SEO Copywriting, Link Building, and Social Media Management. This level of depth shows an inherent dedication to the customer. The copywriting service is one rarely offered by any other 'web management company' and works to optimize at the core. With this service original content that is already adapted for search prominence will be written by professional Novage staff.

Another way Novage aids websites is by committing to the success all clients. This dedication is easily visible by their completely free post-sale support. One client, Lotte Confectionery, even praised this service saying "Overall Novage was very helpful and willing to helping my company build its website and also took care of us after service." Another way this level of devotion is clear is their customer-retention-rate; over 90 percent of customers return to work with Novage on a second or even third project.

The other side of Novage is their web design service, with success effortlessly seen in Novage's portfolio. This service works so well by paying attention to key points of importance in web design: User Interface Design, Mobile Functionality, User Experience, and Customized Content. This comprehensive suite provides the perfect formula for making any online business successful.

Even better, Novage can make all this affordable with the Market Readiness Assistance Grant (MRA). Novage will tune eligible businesses to the standards set by the MRA Grant, qualifying them for the vast benefits. Grantees will receive coverage for up to 70% of all third-party costs, saving clients from unreasonable expense. To make the Novage platform even more accessible for up-and-coming clients the domain hosting service, once the website is built, starts at only $30 per year. Even better than low-cost is the free learning center hosted by Novage, allowing prospective customers to download a free eBook, detailing 47 enterprise-grade methods for higher customer conversion and business growth.

About Novage Communications
Novage was founded in 2010 and is Singapore's leading web specialist. The company started with one mission in mind: to create unprecedented online success for their clients with comprehensive, innovative and effective solutions across the board. This mantra has helped keep Novage dedicated to every client and has made Novage into the success it is today.

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