Magic Of Public Speaking

How Politicians and Motivational Speakers Manipulate Our Minds

With Magic of Public Speaking, one can learn and identify the dirty tricks used by politicians, motivational speakers, and others, to manipulate for their own desires.


Franklin, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- We’ve all seen them, those people that seem to just exude charisma and know exactly how to grab people’s attention and garner their support everywhere they go. How do they do it? Is this a trait that one is born with or is it a talent that can be learned? It’s true that some people are naturally born with charisma, confidence and positive energy, however, it is also possible to achieve great success in connecting with others on an advanced level with a few very simple techniques and a bit of practice. The most successful public speakers utilize these techniques and now today, they are available to the public in this profound new publication, Magic of Public Speaking.

While some techniques, such as those used by politicians and motivational speakers, may be just plain dirty tricks, there are quite a few that are legit and honest. Magic of Public Speaking shares these dirty tricks to help the readers spot them when those manipulative techniques are being employed, as well to know exactly what to avoid. Also included in this easy to follow guide are a myriad of other tips and techniques to help one accelerate their success as a public speaker, writer, and in every day relations with others. This book is quite invaluable to all, whether involved in public speaking or not and is easily the most comprehensive guide to public speaking available.

Garnering from twenty years of experience and research, Andrii Sedniev, MBA, author and founder of the Magic of Public Speaking system, has helped hundreds to achieve excellence in public speaking in just a very short time. This powerful public speaking system easily takes one from stage fright to stage might. Magic of Public Speaking is a revolutionary guide that is quite unique in that it goes beyond the usual gestures, eye contact, and structure and into cutting-edge techniques used by the best speakers today, such as from psychology, acting, stand-up comedy and more!

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