How PRINTEC Is Meeting Increasing Demands for Touch Screen Technology


Fullerton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- The demands for touch screen technology either with resistive, capacitive or projective capacitive panels are increasing continuously in 2014, and most of the request are coming from various industries where water- and harsh chemical- proof is required. This is an area of expertise for PRINTEC, who has over 20 years of experience providing resistive, capacitive, and projective capacitive panels, and is creating such panels with the use of the latest and most advanced processes generating exciting new business opportunities and options for the touch screen industry.

Industries such as Medical, Industrial, and Automotive are increasing quality expectations from touch screen suppliers, which is why PRINTEC has expanded its class 1000 clean room for the continuous assembly of touch screen technology into the membrane switch technology using Optical Clear Adhesives (OCA). Our class 1000 clean room prevents and detects early defects by ensuring that the working standards laid down by the engineering and quality department are religiously followed. In turn, this permits immediate corrections to be made and in the process allow a timely quality response. Overall, the expansion is made to ensure clients get their demands met and to ensure that customer satisfaction will never be compromised.

There is a growing popularity of entertainment systems and "intelligent" equipment, such as navigation systems, in cars, which are now pushing demand for automotive screens higher. That is why our sub-assemblies will be providing a strong interface to support, not only the automotive, but also the growing needs of the industrial, and medical industry.

Continued advances in the human machine interface industry, increase market share, capability expansion, and technological edge has been the reason why customers enjoy the quality of products, and customer service PRINTEC has to offer. Clients will should feel secure that they will be provided with the same high quality products as the capability of the company of supporting higher demands is enhanced.
About Printec

Based in Fullerton, CA, PRINTEC is our sole domestic base of operations in the United States with direct communication to our plant in China, as well as our world-class headquarters in Taiwan. The US site includes fully-staffed sales and engineering offices, a highly-capable production factory and a controlled warehouse. Our location on the West Coast, neighboring the country’s busiest port, is ideal for shipping product to and from Asia and positions us for maximum synergy with our offshore factories and partners. PRINTEC is fully certified in ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004, and TS 16949:2009.

Since its founding in 1992 PRINTEC has earned a global reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of silkscreen printed products as well as high-quality membrane switches, subpanels, overlays and a myriad of other electromechanical display/interface products. Our goods are used extensively in all major commercial, industrial, and high-tech applications, notably for computers, robotics, communications, and medical equipment.

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