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How Teen Link Formula Can Help Young Adults Get Motivated About Life and School

Just in Time for Going Back to School, Texas-based Alternative Health Store Pain & Stress Center Offers a Health Formula Specially Designed for Teens Struggling Through Their Adolescence


Helotes, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2016 -- Teenagers face a tough period of life that's easy for many adults to forget about in their older age. Adolescence is a period marked by hormonal fluctuations and other growth processes that greatly affect mood, energy, and focus. As such, teens' stressors may often activate volatile moods and intense tension. Add to this the pressures and expectations of school and the challenge to get through the day can be even greater. Recent research has shown that teens have low serotonin levels. Teen Link, from Pain & Stress Center, is the only specific formula that can increase serotonin naturally to address the needs of the active teen's brain.

There are many signs that a teen may be low in serotonin including poor concentration, moodiness, attention deficit, memory problems, anger, overactive mind, test anxiety, rebellion, hyper behavior, depression, aggression, impulsiveness, apathy, alcohol cravings, raging hormones, self-hate, carbohydrate cravings, low self-esteem, a cynical attitude, and negativity.

Teen Link has been formulated to counter these unfortunate states and has a myriad of benefits. It was formulated by Dr. Billie Sahley specifically for the demanding teen brain. Neurotransmitters in Teen Link such as tyrosine can be highly effective by uplifting mood and decreasing anger and aggression.

Teen Link mood support ingredients include:

- 5-HTP - a 5 HTP supplement elevates serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter that supports focus, uplifts mood, reduces aggression and sugar/carbohydrate cravings while supporting sleep.†

- Tyrosine - the stress and mood amino acid and the precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine

- GABA - calms and reduces stress/anxiety.†

- Glutamine - supports concentration and memory as it mediates stress and lessens alcohol craving†

- Taurine - supports normal nerve transmission†

- B6 - a required cofactor needed to activate any amino acid†

It is said that youth is wasted on the young, but it need not be. There's no reason for the younger years of a person's life to be marred by a series of less than desirable events when they can instead be a wonderful time to experience in the moment and look back on later in life with fondness. With school just around the corner, there's no better time than now to get the formula that can not only help with mood but also increase the ability to concentrate and reduce anxieties that often come with tests.

"We believe in providing products that benefit folks of all ages," shared Pain & Stress Center Owner Katherine Birkner, Ph.D. "The younger generation is the future so it's crucial to invest in their health and well-being now and not taking their potential for granted."

To learn more about Teen Link which is perfect for back to school or just for teens in general, visit the the Pain & Stress Center website today. Pain & Stress Center is more than happy to assist with any questions potential customers may have.

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