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How the Affordable Care Act Impacts Consumers Facing Health Insurance Cancellations

Pikes Peak Strategic Group educates individuals on what to expect with the new health insurance regulations set to roll out at the beginning of 2014.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- With changes in health insurance set to begin as early as 2014, many residents of Colorado have been notified that their health insurance policies will be cancelled. As such, there is much confusion following this news, and the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) is looking to address this, and any other alarm that is directly related to the cancellation of the health insurance. For individuals whose health insurance is/will be canceled, there are a few things to be aware of, according to the DOI.

1. If the insurance company is remaining in the health insurance market, it is required to give its policy holders 90 days’ notice. For companies that will leave the market, its consumers should receive 180 days’ notice.

2. Persons who receive health insurance cancellation letters have options. The cancellation letter should list new insurance possibilities, both privately and through government insurance websites such as and

3. Individuals are advised to take time and shop around for the best replacement policy. It is wise to compare coverage, premiums and deductibles, as these figures will help determine the total cost of insurance.

4. Any questions regarding the issue can be directed to the following numbers: 303-894-7490, for those who live in the Denver area; and 1-800-930-3745, for those who live outside the metro area in Colorado. Individuals living outside of Colorado can also go to for help.

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