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How the ConnectBooks Mobile Apps Work & How It Handles Security Issues


Chantilly, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- The ConnectBooks mobile apps for Sage 50-US Edition and Sage 50-Canadian Edition enable small business owners to review potential income and expense items in their Sage 50 databases with their smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Sales and field technicians can also create or update invoices, estimates, and other customer transactions using Apple and Android mobile devices and immediately send them to clients and prospects while on site.

How Does ConnectBooks Access Sage 50 Data?
ConnectBooks has direct access to your Sage 50 database and updates records as they are saved on your mobile device using the System Development Kits (SDKs) offered by Sage. Likewise, all information displayed in ConnectBooks accesses the current data on your home office database.

What do I need to use ConnectBooks?
Of course, you will need to be a Sage 50 accounting client using a version for either of the last two years. Users must have access to the Internet, which is available in most locations. Your users must have an Apple or Android smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Lastly, you must subscribe to ConnectBooks.

How Safe Is It to Access Data On the Internet?
ConnectBooks accesses the Sage 50 accounting data from your computer when requested by your mobile device. The data is fully encrypted through multiple layers of security (secure socket layers or SSL). Your data is protected at all times whether accessing your server or updating the data from your mobile device back to your server. It uses the most current protection available. In fact, ConnectBooks is safer than your Sage 50 data back in the home office.

Can I Access my Data when Internet Is Down?
Yes. However, if your Internet is down, users of ConnectBooks can still access their cached data, but it will not reflect updates made after Internet went down (i.e., until Internet comes back up).

What Is Caching?
Caching is a concept of a collection of data duplicating original values stored elsewhere. With ConnectBooks, we use caching to improve user performance so users of the mobile device do not have to wait for our software to copy data from your server every time to display the data on your mobile device.

Before ConnectBooks copies data from your server, it checks to determine if any target data has been changed in your database. If not, you will be presented the cached data. If the data has changed in any way, it will be reloaded (refreshed). This process reduces delays in displaying your data.

What’s the Cost?
One User & one Company is only $12.99 per month. Packages offer multiple Users & multiple Companies at very affordable monthly costs. Additional Users for a Package are only $6.00 per month. You can also save $3.00/month if you subscribe through a US Reseller or Canadian Reseller. Oh, the first month is free and you can cancel any time.

ConnectBooks (and Sage 50 accounting) is a technology advancement whose time has come for the small business owner!