How These Electric Fat Bikes Are Making a Lot of Buzz Online

“Element Electric” and “Pedego” fat bikes both use All-Terrain Extra Wide Innova tyres to provide better traction in different terrains.


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Fat bike provides special possibilities to its riders by having a broad tire system which allows journey across any terrain. Grip is the crucial element for effective fun or competitive fat tire bikes tours. Wheels can offer elevated degree of friction or traction based upon material and design. The studded tire models, with deep grip front tires, enhance handling on challenging areas and add grip to slippery surfaces.

Surface604 manufactures fat bikes which include a 750 Watt max brushless electric-motor and three modes (Low, Moderate, and High) modulated by the rider. The Pedego’s Trail tracker has only two output modes and a small 600 Watt motor. As more speed will be provided by the motor with more Watts and Surface604 device may outpace the Pedego’s Trail tracker underneath the same conditions! Likewise, the elevated energy can help riders to increase the effectiveness of the onboard engine and ride up hills faster!

Another crucial factor while considering an electric mountain bike is the Control device! Many transformation kits possess the control (the mind of the machine) built-into the battery pack, that’s where Surface604 has set-up theirs! This can maintain the controller secure from corrosion that one will experience while riding fat bike. Their control unit was placed in the Pedego behind the seat and above the rear wheel. This leaves the control unit subjected to possibly harmful tire spray and also to the weather impacts.

Surface604 is a company which manufactures fat tire bikes. The corporation was established in Vancouver, British Columbia. They produce distinctive bike frame with broad-traction wheels along with a smooth lithium-ion battery having a taillight (LED) at the end. Their fat bicycles has 4-inch wide wheels, twice the width of numerous mountain-bike wheel treads which provides greater traction and avoid the sinking of wheel into mud or snow.

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