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Diet Doc Announces Ketogenic Low Carb Diet Plans That Teach Patients How to Achieve Celebrity Weight Loss Results Without Breaking the Bank

People throughout the country are turning to Diet Doc and learning how to achieve celebrity weight loss results with newly designed and affordable ketogenic low carb diet plans that include prescription diet products for safe, fast and affordable weight loss


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- The internet is inundated with celebrity figures flaunting new, slimmer bodies. Most normal people, however, feel that diet plans that will teach them how to achieve celebrity weight loss results are not within their financial grasp. Kim Kardashian, famous for countless outrageous selfies, recently displayed her weight loss, posing in a fur bikini designed by her husband, Kanye. Kim, boasting a 56-pound weight loss, accomplished her goals by following a ketogenic low carb Atkins Diet and reports feeling great with lots of energy.

In very close similarity to the Atkins Diet, Diet Doc's ketogenic low carb diet plans encourage low carbohydrate, low calorie foods. But, unlike the Atkins Diet, Diet Doc does not simply offer an online, printable blueprint for success. They work personally with each client throughout their entire journey to ensure the safest and most effective weight loss possible.

Although ketogenic diets were originally developed as a treatment for seizures, many people have begun to recognize that following this weight loss method can help them quickly lose excess fat. And, because Diet Doc's team of weight management professionals are specially trained in the most effective methods for ketogenic low carb diet plans that teach patients how to achieve celebrity weight loss results by burning excess fat for fuel, patients not only successfully eliminate excess and embarrassing fat, they do so without the negative side effects of dieting commonly seen with other ketogenic low carb diet programs.

Because many people have become accustomed to consuming a heavy amount of carbohydrates throughout their day, their bodies routinely burn those empty calories for fuel, leaving stored fat around the stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks and underarms. Diet Doc encourages diet change to eliminate processed carbohydrates as the patient's main source of fuel. Once patients begin their ketogenic low carb diet plans, their bodies will enter a state of ketosis and will no longer burn carbohydrates for fuel, but instead begin seeking out old, stored fat for energy.

Diet Doc understands that patients who want to learn how to achieve celebrity weight loss results by eliminating carbohydrates can find this challenging and, therefore, offer their patients prescription hormone diet treatments that work in combination with uniquely designed meal and snack plans that are designed to be specific to each patient's individual nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs. This powerful combination enables patients to lose weight safely, comfortably and rapidly without cravings for processed carbs or loss of energy.

Many people feel that they cannot afford diet plans that have helped celebrities overcome their weight loss challenges. Diet Doc, however, believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a more active, healthier life and developed their ketogenic low carb diet plans that are designed to fit comfortably into almost any budget, enabling thousands of everyday, normal people to learn how to achieve celebrity weight loss results without breaking the bank.

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