How to Add More Flavour to Your Coffee

More Flavour is a South African company that discovers and promotes new ways to get the best flavour from your coffee.


Cape Town, Western Cape -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2013 -- Can someone dedicate their entire life to brewing the prefect cup of coffee? Apparently yes! More Flavour are a group of coffee fanatics who're constantly on the pursuit to add a little extra flavour to the ubiquitous coffee.

"Everything, including the amount of water that you add to the coffee, the equipment used to grind the beans and the manner in which they're brewed, help to alter its taste. We promote products and brewing methods that impact the taste of coffee and make the whole coffee drinking experience sublime," says a spokesperson for the Company.

Their signature product Aeropress is a best seller and has been review widely across the press including the Huffington Post. "If you are a coffee nerd, but you are frequently only making coffee for yourself and tend to only drink one cup at a time, you would be crazy not to get yourself an Aeropress…" reads the review. This is a simple yet versatile coffee maker that uses a patented dual brewing method of immersion and pressure to allow maximum flavor to be extracted from the beans. It is portable, does not work on electricity and can be carried on a camping trip.

"Our product is BPA free. Bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastic. Over prolonged use it can leak into your food and cause side effects," adds the spokesperson.

Among their other products include, Able Disk Coffee Filter, Fine Filter, Micro Fiber Filter, Mini Grinder, and many more.

About More Flavour
More Flavour continually discovers alternative brewing methods and offers a wide range of products that can be used to brew a perfect blend of coffee. Their products can be used to grind, brew, and filter the beans to make the best coffee in the world.

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