How to Avoid Being a Victim of Identity Theft and How to Get Free Legal Consultations

Identity theft can arise unexpectedly; a phone call from the collection agency about erroneous charges, a false credit account, missing statements in the mail, and/or sudden change of address.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Protecting personal information is crucial to avoiding being a victim of identity theft. Consumers should keep card numbers and account information from telemarketers and phone representatives, as well as off of forms and checks. Legal Yogi can help consumers consider the risks and provides advice navigating identity protocol on forms. Its ok for consumers to keep social security numbers concealed. Alternate numbers can be supplied where numbers are required for identification by employers, schools or institutions. Keep any documents containing identity information safely in or remove the number and destroy them before discarding.

Legal Yogi can provide consumers with security advice:

- Protecting Information
- Keeping track of history
- Protection from Schemes

Protecting Personal Information

Password information is especially vulnerable. For accounts accessed by phone and computer, use password prompts other than common ones like “mother’s name”.

Both outgoing and incoming sitting mail in a consumer’s mailbox contain important identity information. If concerned, consumers should install a locked mailbox or mail slot in their door.

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Keeping Track of Progress and History

By looking closely at a credit history and billing statements a consumer can keep on top of any erroneous charges or account openings and avoid becoming a victim of identity theft before it snowballs. Legal Yogi can help a consumer obtain a credit report for their own inspection. Consumers should check billing statements for false charges or changes. Creditors must be called to report the item, or identify a missing report in case a consumer’s address listing was changed. Representatives at Legal-yogi can help consumers if they are panicked about missing items.

If there are mistakes on a report, the consumer reporting company and the information provider for the consumer company are required to take responsibility. Both consumer reporting and information providers must be contacted if consumers expect to utilize their rights in statute.

Protection From Schemes

Companies will try to snag consumers by sending out account offers and free credit cards. Information is not secure through these accounts. Legal Yogi can inform consumers of the different ways to opt out of credit offers if they are baited. There are many helpful and legitimate hotlines for these concerns.

Pre-approved credit cards are especially risky and potentially fraudulent. Recipients and their addresses are prescreened and will receive many offers over a year. It is safest for consumers to destroy and discard these cards, especially if they contain pre-screening data.

Email is one popular modern mode of communication for scammers. Suspicious phishing and scamming emails asking for identity information must be deleted.

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