How to Avoid Dialysis: Natural Kidney Health Program Review


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- 'Healthy Kidney Publishing, one of the established companies in the kidney disease industry, announced the launch of an e-book program on how to avoid dialysis through its natural kidney health program for its niche customers'

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While advancement in medical technology for dialysis may be for people suffering from Chronic Kidney disease as it reduces the treatment time. However, it still does not diminish the pain that a patient endures during a dialysis. According to research, the drugs recommended to elevate the pain, only increase the susceptibility to other life threatening diseases such as cancer. For a patient going through the painful process of dialysis, the relief is short lived.

Nevertheless, Author Robert Galarowicz has provided natural and easy treatments on how to avoid dialysis. Since, Robert has survived kidney disease, dialysis and now living with a kidney transplant, his experiences and research for painless solutions fuel his e-book program called “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program.” The e-book gives exhaustive advantages of diet, herbs, supplements and every ingredient that enable faster healing of kidney diseases. It also has various types of organic remedies depending on the acuteness of the patient's disease.

Robert Galarowicz, Author, of The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program says, "Dialysis and a kidney transplant was a painful necessity for a long time as I was unaware of any alternative for improving my health. But, my suffering motivated my research and I became the subject of experiment for my natural treatments and remedies.

Author Robert Galarowicz has carefully suggested treatments keeping severity of the different stages of kidney diseases. This healing process gives the patient alternative solutions on how to avoid dialysis. The step-by-step process also enables the patient to stop depending painful treatments and opt for a therapeutic healing diet, lifestyle changes and healing supplements. Any kidney disease patient can now live a fulfilled and completely painless life when using this program.

Healthy Kidney Publishing offers a onetime bonus for its customers with a value pack of 6 books on how to stop kidney disease for just $296.75. Customers can also select other combination packs for their benefit to ensure that they can live a without the trauma of a kidney disease.

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Founded by Robert Galarowicz, Healthy Kidney Publishing is a growing company which caters to the people suffering from kidney diseases. Robert is a survivor of a kidney disease and has turned his experience into an e-book program for other kidney patients to benefit from and use his scientific treatments to live a healthy life.

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