How to Avoid Kidney Failure: Free Articles and Videos Explain How


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Healthy Kidney Publishing along with founder Robert Galarowicz N.D. are announcing their free no sign up articles and videos about how to avoid kidney failure and improve kidney function. These videos are excellent in nature and full of diet tips, nutritional supplements and various ways to avoid stage 5 kidney failure.

The first video featured in the press release has 4 ways to help kidney disease. The first way to improve kidney health is to exercise. Mild to moderate exercise has shown in multiple studies to improve kidney health by lowering inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of every form of kidney disease. This inflammation causes damage to renal cells making them useless.

The second thing covered in this video is a fruit to avoid. The fruit is called star fruit which has a toxin that will damage an already injured kidney. If the kidney is functioning without any issues there is no problem to consuming this fruit.

The third thing covered is a B vitamin called folic acid. In kidney disease there is a high risk of cardiovascular problems. By taking folic acid the risk is reduced and folic acid also helps to keep inflammation low.

There are two others important things covered in this video for helping people with kidney disease. Visit this video by clicking the link below:

Improve Kidney Health & Kidney Function

Robert from Healthy Kidney Publishing also has a video channel with over 25 videos that are one to three minutes in length that talk about the multiple ways to help kidney function, avoid kidney failure and remain dialysis free.

This video channel has been praised by many health professionals and kidney disease sufferers as having excellent easy to incorporate recommendations. Visit this channel by clicking the link below:

Healthy Kidney Publishing Youtube Channel

Robert Galarowicz N.D. has guest posted on a health blog with multiple articles describing different ways to have better kidney health. These posts cover mainly diet and nutritional supplementation that has shown a benefit when taken with kidney disease. To view these blog articles click the link below:

Kidney Disease Articles

Kidney cleansing is a controversial topic in the area of kidney disease. Many kidney cleanses on the market should not be taken with kidney problems. The reason is because they include high potassium foods. High potassium foods can damage the kidneys because the kidneys are responsible for keeping that mineral in balance. To learn more about this unique kidney cleanse that is not found anywhere else on the market click the link below:

Kidney Cleansing For Kidney Disease

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One of the reasons Robert Galarowicz N.D. gives away so much free information that most people charge for is because he knows exactly what it is like to suffer kidney disease. Robert is currently living with a kidney transplant from a cadaver. He was diagnosed at 20 years old with chronic kidney disease. This eventually led to kidney failure and dialysis. He lived on dialysis for almost three years using an A/V fistula to dialyze. After he received his kidney transplant he decided to become a nutritionist and a natural health practitioner and study everything he could about kidney disease. He gave his findings to the world in a published program called, “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program.”

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