How to Become Debt Free After Retirement

So many people are living with a heavy load of debt hanging over them. Sadly, many don’t know how to become debt free


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Part of learning how to be debt free is trying to reduce it by connecting with one’s creditors. Before things get really bad financially, call the creditors to see if something can be worked out. Often, creditors will work with debtors to develop a reasonable payment plan. To accomplish this, they may reduce the principal of a debt or lower its interest rate. The key here is to let them know there’s a problem before it becomes worse. would like to share some suggestions that will help folks pay off debt, such as:`

- Contact Creditors
- Total the Debt
- Find Extra Money
- Devise a Budget

Open Communication with Creditors

Tally the Debts

Another aspect of finding out how to get debt free is knowing exactly how much debt one has. Gather documentation of debt amounts and do some math. Subtract all monthly living expenses from one’s total monthly income. Whatever is left over should go to debt repayment. By tackling one debt each week, the likelihood of becoming debt free increases. One cannot figure out how to pay off debt until one performs the previously mentioned tasks, so grab a calculator and go to it!

Earn Debt-Repayment Funds

Sometimes it can be tough to figure out how to become debt free – especially when one is a bit short on cash. Here are just a few ideas to earn the money one needs to get out of debt for good. Take a look through the attic and basement, picking up items that have been there for years and no longer serve a purpose. Dust them off and hold a yard sale. With enough reasonably priced items, one can make a good amount of money from this. Borrow a small sum from family members or friends. Take a loan against the IRA at work. Be creative, and before too much time has passed, there’ll be no more debt.

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Work Out a Budget

Now that one has earned some extra money, it’s time to figure out a reasonable budget so debt repayment can be accomplished. This is a vital element of how to be debt free. One must devise a budget that allows for both everyday expenses and eradicating debt. Be sure to create a schedule for paying debts and leave payment reminders where they won’t be missed.

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