How to Build a Backyard Vineyard


Westlake Village, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- There are several reasons why people from Ventura County should start building vineyards in their backyards. It is a healthy pastime that can be started even by homeowners with small backyards. It provides a unique landscaping solution that’s affordable. Plus, homeowners end up with a product they can eat or turn into wine. Here are the steps on how to build a vineyard and some tips from a Ventura County furniture shop.

The first step is to first the right stop for the backyard vineyard. Grapes need at eight hours of sun daily. That means the area must be free of obstructions. The soil must not be stony and well aerated. There must also be a nearby source of water. Homeowners must plant at least 120 vines, enough to fill a barrel.

Once the location of the vineyard has been plotted, the next step is to clear the soil of weeds. Homeowners must also test the soil to make sure that it has the right amount of nutrients and proper pH level. Then construct a trellis system to support the grape vines and irrigation lines. The vineyard must have four rows with spacing of six to seven feet from each other. The spacing for the vines must be between four and six feet. The irrigation system is composed of drip irrigation tubes on top of the trellis system and connected via an underground water pipe.

After building the vineyard, the next step is to maintain it. Homeowners must ensure that the vineyards are fertilized. It is also important to prune the grapes. The first time the grapes need to be pruned is when they start climbing up the trellises. They must be trimmed every three years so that they don’t overextend. Once the vines are matured, the pruning has to be done each year.

Once homeowners get enough grapes from the vineyard, they can start making their own wines. They can buy everything they need from a winemaking supply store. Some of the things include wine barrel, thermometer, nylon straining bag, fermentation lock and bung, wine bottles, corks, and hand corker. There are several websites online that can teach homeowners how to make their own wine. Don’t worry about the costs because most of the items are used more than once. Homeowners can even turn the wine barrel into wine barrel chairs after they finished making the wine.

One of the homeowners in Ventura County that knows how to make and maintain vineyards in their home backyard is Michael Weisberg. He is also the owner of a Ventura County furniture shop that sells products made of wine barrels. Visit his shop and find how to start a vineyard in the backyard. His shop, Zin Chair, is located at 31133 Via Colinas #104, Westlake Village CA 91362.


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