Peter Leeds Announces the Release of "the 3 Minute Penny Stock Survival Test."


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Peter Leeds, author of Invest in Penny Stocks and Penny Stocks for Dummies, and publisher of the Peter Leeds Stock newsletter, is pleased to announce their newest educational YouTube video. Called "The 3 Minute Penny Stock Survival Test," the video describes how to quickly assess the fundamental strength of any company.

The video is about one minute long, and explains of how to quickly (and for free) compare the liabilities of any stock to their assets. Leeds asserts that any business which has owes more than it has in assets could be in financial trouble.

"There are many really low quality penny stocks out there," mentions Leeds. "Investors need to buy secure and financially solid stocks. The 3 minute penny stock survival test ensures that a company can pay it's bills."

Leeds explains that the three minute penny stock survival test is something that anyone can do, and which everyone should do for any shares they are interested to possibly buy. Leeds also mentions that a check of assets to liabilities is one of the first steps in his world famous Leeds Analysis process, which uncovers fundamentally solid low-priced penny stocks to buy.

"With penny stocks especially, investors need to avoid the financially broken companies and instead buy top quality penny stocks that are financially and fundamentally solid. If investors buy companies which are growing, or they buy companies which can easily pay their bills, then they are already tilting the odds in their favor."

The 3 Minute Penny Stock Survival Test is the latest in the catalog of Peter Leeds informational videos about the best ways for investors to buy shares which will increase in value. Leeds mentions that further videos will be released in the coming weeks, each with the goal of helping and empowering investors who buy low-priced shares.

All companies profiled by Leeds or his team, or published for subscribers to buy, or mentioned on videos or media coverage, are covered by the 100% Unbiased Guarantee. The guarantee states that no company mentioned to buy has paid any compensation of any form to Leeds or his team.

To learn more about Peter Leeds and how to buy penny stocks, visit him online at To watch the three minute penny stock survival test, you can view it online, or view the full Peter Leeds YouTube channel.